Facebook Crash – And What QAnon and Schwurbler Did With It

In “The Wallis Daily”, Phillip Wallis dismantles the supporters of the plot.


For some it was a server problem, for QAnon – again – the beginning of the end of time. On the other hand, the German department disagreed on what this means for the failure of Facebook’s “deep state networks”.

This column is actually called “Late Night USA”, but today we still find ourselves in German speaking countries – even though the root of the evil described below is in the United States.

Because this is on one side of Facebook – and on the other side of the QAnon conspiracy theorists and other followers: the social network was not only served by the whistleblower, it also was completely closed for hours on Monday. In addition to Facebook, Instagram and Gmail have also been affected.

“The only thing that happened yesterday was the Americans for the first time in years”, Slurs on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host late night. The reason was a disconnection between Facebook’s internal servers. “But the Qunun group saw it differently.”

Hey, look at my foil hat.

Kimmel explains, “They think that was the start of who they are.” Blackout Call. “A nationwide blackout has been expected for ten days:” I don’t know if that means the lights will go out or the media will go out. I don’t know, but they think everyone, from Tom Hanks to Joe Biden, will be arrested en route.

Very simple: Jimmy Kimmel explains the failure on Facebook. So the servers failed.


Kimmel can’t figure this out. Why Tom Hanks? So if you are using an actor, why not use Charlie Sheen? Someone you might be thinking with, “Well, is it possible? “What happened to the rational madman?” asks the supervisor. “Hey, look at my aluminum hood blocking the microwaves?” “

And now let’s jump through the pool and from ABC to SWR, which is streaming for ARD and YouTube. “The Daily Wallis”And “Guardians’ week” And “History of Wallis” Produced and directed by German Philip Wallis. Why? Because the editorial team there highlights how the German language department got into trouble when it interpreted broad social circles into a manageable technical problem.

“10 hours of stupidity”

Because even German admirers of conspiracy theories saw “the end of the world” in the county, Wallis knows it. “The release is about to start,” she said Controversial German MPs Eva Rosen is spreading. “A total blackout of the Deep State’s grids, followed by a blackout for at least ten days. The truth appears! “

Late night USA – Understanding America

Blue News

50 states, 330 million people and more opinions: how should we “understand America”? If you want to keep track of things without getting stuck, you need a beacon. The late-night stars offer one of the best aids to navigation – they’re perfect guides that point relentlessly to the shallow waters of the country and its people, and our author Philip Dehm serves as a comedic compass for the American state of mind.

“An oath predicts those who swear a lot. 10 days of darknessWhat really happened last night too 10 hours of stupidity Become ”, explains the medium, before broadcasting an audio recording of Attila Heldman. The conspiracy theorist has fled to Turkey since German justice opened an investigation against him.

“This Schlafschaf social network is failing now, but sooner or later Telegram will also fail,” Berliner wants to know. It is suggested that it is time to take stock. The result: “Outages, outages, Internet infrastructure failures and, of course, social media failures. “

Stupid only if there are good reasons

However, everything had been planned for a long time. Not from those who would like to arrest Joe Biden, but from the German government, says Heldmann, referring to an advertisement allegedly shot by the Federal Home Office, in which an elderly person “himself builds an oven with candles dish warmer”.

It’s very unfortunate that the 40-year-old now has an average Walulis explaining that said clip exists, but there is also a good reason for that. A few days ago in North Rhine-Westphalia it was “Disaster Protection Day”, which was the real reason for the publicity. Then, the editorial team selects the clip with music from the television series “MacGyver”.

On the left, a video from the German Society for Saving Lives, the State Society of North Rhine-Westphalia: the FRG is not responsible for the clip.

Facebook social networking site

In fact, the department disagrees on the interpretation of failure. “Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are stealing your data with the new update and that’s how the new Schufa social value came in,” said Dr C aka Bernd Klein. “Those who are not vaccinated and who are in critical condition will no longer be able to buy a house or open an account. “

“The most German term for karma I have ever heard.”

Counter Walulis: “Social Schufa is the most German term for karma I have ever heard. To clarify: La Schufa is Protection society to protect the public loan And the German equivalent of the extract from the debt collection register.

Skeptical German singer and pollster Sarah Bennett said after the failure: “You hit the chains and you want to scare us. Stay with yourselves, there is nothing to fear. Like a German oak, I stand firmly in the storm with you.

Pseudo-QAnon video on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”: Conspiracy theorists must have looked stupid when Facebook and Co were back online.


“The lady of the theater,” said Wallis. “Let’s be honest now, the website has been down for seven hours and they are already tolerating clicky channels and looming German oaks. But they all bravely swear. Because Telegram is still online – although the company, according to Attila Heldmann, is based in Dubai.

The context? “Have you ever looked at the vaccination rate in Dubai? They are completely on the agenda. Sooner or later Telegram will fail too. Well, now Facebook and its co. are back online again, Telegram is still working, and while the conspiracy lovers aren’t dead yet, they still swear today: the next apocalypse is inevitable.

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