Every role Ben Affleck played in Kevin Smith’s Askewniverse point of view

Ben Affleck’s actual friendship with Kevin Smith may have had its bumps, but he played many memorable roles in View Askewniverse.

Long before he was Batman, Ben affleck rose to fame for his roles in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse. Affleck has had a top-down career, but for the most part ended up with a resume that most actors would envy. He also went on to become an acclaimed director and screenwriter, although by some strange twist of fate he won Oscars for writing – Goodwill hunting – and staging – Argo – but never for his acting, at least not yet.

That could certainly change, as Affleck shows no signs of slowing down and is currently preparing to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne / Batman in DC’s. Flash movie, coming in 2022. For a while, it seemed like Affleck had left Batman for good, but luckily for fans of his portrayal of The Dark Knight, that turned out not to be the case. Of course, back when Affleck was appearing in Smith comedies like Mallrats and In pursuit of Amy, it is doubtful that most thought they were watching a future Batman.


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It’s not because Affleck wasn’t good at those roles; he ended up changing and evolving a lot over the years, going from a comedic actor and romantic role to an action star and dramatic protagonist. Thankfully, Affleck and Smith have deepened their friendship over the past few years, so it’s likely he won’t hesitate to add more roles to his View Asknewverse tally over time. So far, here are all the times the two have teamed up so far, excluding Affleck’s role in jersey girl, which was defined outside of the View Askewuniverse.

Shannon Hamilton (Mallrats)

Ben Affleck’s first role in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse series and one of his first major movie roles dates back to the 1995s. Mallrats. Affleck played Shannon Hamilton, the manager of the titular mall’s trendy menswear store and the current boyfriend of ex-Brodie Bruce manager Rene Mosier, played by future Charm star Shannen Doherty. To put it mildly, Shannon was an asshole who beat Brodie and slept with underage girls. Fortunately, his terrible behavior was publicly exposed at the end of Mallrats‘, which led René and Brodie to reconcile and Shannon was arrested for rape. He was sent to prison, and it was strongly implied that he suffered a dark fate while locked up. Despite being a memorable character, Shannon never appeared in the View Askewniverse again. However, it has been mentioned a few times, such as when Alyssa reveals in In pursuit of Amy that she slept with him in college.

Holden McNeil (Chasing Amy, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot)

In pursuit of Amy

Probably Ben Affleck’s best-known character in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse, which actually has a lost movie called Draw flies – is Holden McNeil, not by chance the only Affleck character to appear in more than one of Smith’s films. Holden d’Affleck first appeared in the 1997s In pursuit of Amy, a common choice for Smith’s best work. In pursuit of AmyThe main dramatic arc of ‘concerned the unorthodox relationship between comic book artist Holden and Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams), which was complicated by the fact that she was a lesbian and it turned out that the Holden’s best friend Banky (Jason Lee) was apparently gay and in love with him. Say that In pursuit of Amys sexual policies were complex would be an understatement. Holden would later make cameos in Jay and Silent Bob strike back and Jay and Silent Bob reboot, whom the latter revealed that Holden eventually became a father, donating his sperm to Alyssa and her girlfriend and co-parenting the child.

Bartleby (Dogma)

Ben Affleck Matt Damon Dogma

Ben Affleck and his boyfriend and frequent collaborator Matt Damon played the main villains in the 1999s Dogma, easily Kevin Smith’s most controversial film thanks to its very unconventional portrayal of religion and biblical figures. Still, many Smith fans have come to love Dogma, and it certainly didn’t look like anything else in his filmography. Affleck played Bartleby alongside Damon’s Loki, two angels in exile seeking to return to Heaven by exploiting a loophole involving entry into a particular church. Unfortunately, this would prove that God is fallible, destroying all of creation in an instant. It first appeared that Loki was the more evil of the two angels, but Bartleby emerged as the bigger villain, fully ready to defeat the world in order to get revenge on God. He even stripped Loki of his wings in retaliation for the latter’s refusal to go ahead with the plan, rendering him deadly.

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Ben Affleck (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back)

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck starring in Good Will Hunting 2 in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Jay and Silent Bob strike back is arguably the magnum opus of the View Askewniverse and could also be Kevin Smith’s funniest movie, depending on how quickly we like their jokes delivered. In addition to appearing briefly in Jay and Silent Bob strike back As Holden McNeil, Affleck also appeared elsewhere in the film as a ridiculously exaggerated version of himself. Jay and Silent Bob traveled to Hollywood to stop the Bluntman and Chronicle film to occur and has decided to remove tied stars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The duo posed as extras in Affleck and Damon’s new film Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season, who saw Will settle for the trigger with a shotgun. Shortly after studio security showed up, Affleck hilariously jumped to his own defense as if they were looking for him, insisting he hadn’t been with a prostitute that day. . Jay also took the time to let Affleck know he was “the bomb” in the famous Dean Koontz-based horror film. Ghosts.

Amazed guy (employees 2)

Ben Affleck Clerks 2 cameo

Ben affleckKevin Smith’s smallest role in View Askewniverse came in 2006 sequel Clerk 2, Smith’s follow-up to the independent film that put him on the map as a director. Affleck made an appearance as “Gawking Guy,” a customer who picked up food at Mooby’s, the fast-food restaurant where Clerk the protagonists Dante and Randal are now working. Affleck couldn’t help but watch when Dante’s fiancée Emma walked in, jumped over the counter and started a rather intense makeup session. That was until Randal made him ashamed to look away, lest he be perverted. Affleck’s character then proclaimed that such behavior was not very hygienic before leaving with his food. Affleck’s appearance was just one of many celebrity cameos in Clerk 2.

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