Each main character in Don’t Look Up is ranked from worst to best

Mark Rylance is an interesting addition to the “Don’t Look Up” cast, as he doesn’t have the comedic baggage that a lot of his co-stars do. However, Rylance’s highly unusual performance creates one of the most memorable (and often one of the most disturbing) characters in the film. Rylance’s slow speaking patterns and various idiosyncrasies make him a change of pace from the quick politicians and scientists around him.

Peter Isherwell is the head of a media and technology company and is inspired by figures such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos. Isherwell is so obsessed with his own technological creations that he is completely oblivious to normal human interactions. While it’s fun to see Isherwell missing out on social clues, he also fails to recognize the cost in human lives that results from his research. Isherwell sees every new invention as a chance to make a profit, and his greed is almost fun considering how strange Rylance is in the role.

But Isherwell is legitimately dangerous because of his ties to the United States government, as he is a key member of President Orleans’ inner circle. Orlean frequently relies on Isherwell’s research to guide his decisions, even as he attempts to exploit a new profit opportunity in the midst of an impending asteroid attack. Fans will want to stick around for a fun post-credit scene that reveals Isherwell’s fate.

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