Duncan James’ partner Rodrigo Reis wasn’t a fan of blue when they first met

All stand up, 00’s boy group idol Duncan James changes his microphone to a frying pan and walks into the Celebrity chef food. He will join Kem Cetinay, Megan McKenna and Kate Price in an attempt to impress Greg Wallace and John Terrode with their culinary prowess. But is James seeing anyone and has someone special waiting at home to taste all of his cooking creations?

In short, yes. James has had a long-term relationship with Rodrigo Reis since 2019. According to Heart, the couple met right after James appeared on First celebrity dates at the hotel. At the moment James posted a photo of himself snuggled up to Reis with the caption: “I didn’t find love in the show as you saw it, but found someone special after that continues to make me a very happy man… Thank you amor for being you and for making me smile.

In his Instagram biography, Reis describes himself as a “Brazilian polyglot living and working in Belgium for six years now. In healthy eating, physical fitness, and all that is good for the mind, body and soul. According to Sun, the couple met in Belgium while Blue was on tour. He attended an after-party that James was at, and the rest was history.

Reis made it clear that he wasn’t much of a fan of James’ work, however. He admitted: “In Brazil, where I’m from, they’re not that famous.” That didn’t stop a spark and they made things official in 2019.

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The couple did their first TV interview together in February 2021, appearing on Cowardly Women. Speaking of their connection and love during the lockdown, James said: “We met in Belgium. I was doing a gig with the boys and I met him at the after party. I met him on the other side of the bar, as Brenda Edwards can tell you, he’s really my type … Before going into lockdown, we [Duncan, Rodrigo, and their mums] all went to Ghent in Belgium where Rodrigo lives, and I went to spend a weekend with him and his mother in Italy, which was lovely.

In addition to reuniting their mothers, the couple said Reis spent time with James’ daughter Tianie-Finn, whom he shares with former partner Claire Grainger.

In the past, James has been open about his love life. However, he admitted that going out was extremely difficult during his time in the group. James first became bisexual in 2009. He then became gay in 2017. He said Cowardly Women, “For me that was a really hard thing to do, coming from a boy band, a world where you have a lot of female fans. There was a lot of pressure from the record company, I didn’t want to. not let the boys down so I shut my mouth. “

Since then, James and Reis have been proud LGBTQ + advocates. On her Instagram, Reis shared a photo of the couple together and said: “I hope our love story can serve as an example for anyone who is afraid to show your true color. Don’t hide who you are, you deserve to be loved! You are not alone! “

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