Dropout star compares Elizabeth Holmes to Inventing Anna’s Anna Delvey

Dropout star Michaela Watkins has opened up about what she sees as the difference between disgraced tech CEO Elizabeth Holmes and fellow fraudster Anna Delvey.

The two were recently the subject of a streaming miniseries, with Oscar-nominated Amanda Seyfried playing Holmes in The Dropout, while Ozark star Julia Garner plays Delvey in Netflix’s Inventing Anna.

Viewers around the world were fascinated by how the two women were able to amass substantial fortunes under false pretences, with Delvey claiming to be a wealthy German heiress and Holmes claiming to have revolutionary new blood test technology.

However, in the eyes of Watkins, who plays Theranos in-house attorney Linda Tanner on The Dropout, there is one important thing that separates the two cases.

“With Inventing Anna, I think people really understand that there is a weakness [in] that if you’re not prone to lying, you’re not going to assume other people are lying,” she said. RadioTimes.com and other press.

“Anyone who’s ever interacted with someone who’s a compulsive liar, you don’t know what color the sky is after that. It’s so disorienting. And there are people who do it consciously and people who don’t.”

But even after delving into the roller-coaster story of now-defunct health-tech company Theranos, Watkins remains uncertain about Holmes’ true intentions.

She added: “The thing about Elizabeth [Holmes] it’s that you don’t know. We may have an opinion on this and it could certainly be confirmed, but there’s a part of her that had so much conviction about what she was saying that even when we were shooting it I kept asking to my character like, ‘Do you believe her? You believe her because she believes her.'”

The Dropout is adapted from the ABC podcast of the same name by New Girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether, with a large cast including Naveen Andrews (Sense8), Stephen Fry (It’s A Sin), Dylan Minnette (Scream) and William H Macy (Shameless) .

The Dropout will premiere on Disney Plus on Thursday, March 3, 2022. Check out more of our drama coverage or visit our TV guide to see what’s on tonight.

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