Community: 10 Best Teachers in Greendale

Community was a comedy series created by Dan Harmon and spanned six seasons. It’s become a cult hit and its loyal fan base keeps coming back to Greendale over and over again through countless binge-watching. What made the show break through conventional sitcom tropes was the way the show’s runners used these traditional storylines to create their own. While adding cultural references that everyone could understand and laugh at.

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The show centered around a community college and the central core students who formed a study group. During its run, the students clashed and encountered a plethora of teachers. Some of the best recurring characters were the teachers. Much like in the real world, fans remember their favorite fictional teachers in Greendale even long after the show ends.


Marion Holly – Pottery

During the show, Greendale had seen professors come and go. As a pottery teacher, Professor Marion Holly is one of them. Played by Tony Hale, his first introduction would make any student’s eyes roll. Sitting cross-legged on a chair and hammering on the clay, he expresses with exuberance; “Hello my precious blueberries.”

A Happy, Lucky Professor Who’s the One and Only Ruler isn’t a recreation of the classic pottery movie scene in Ghost and no rendition of the Righteous Brothers tune. The episode is mostly about Jeff’s jealousy of a pottery student, but Hale’s substantive teacher is just as memorable as ever.

June Bauer – Anthropology

community anthropology betty white

Another professor to have appeared in Greendale is Professor June Bauer. His meeting with the study group literally delivers a juicy punch. Played by Betty White, Bauer was introduced in “Anthropology 101” with dialogue like “… you’ll close your eyes with a screaming sister, drenched in blood, raping the beast we came from”, and drinking her own urine. .

Bauer is one of the few professors who teach directly to his students. At the end of the episode, Jeff learns a valuable lesson not about anthropology but about respect. Not the answer she was looking for Bauer fails Jeff and then proceeds to beat him senseless leading to his suspension. Betty White’s natural charisma mixed with the comedy of Community brings out this episode.

Noel Cornwallis – History

Dr Noel Cornwallis, professor of history at Glendale in the community

Going down the list of successful professors, Malcolm McDowell plays Noel Cornwallis, a professor from Oxford who, after 20 years of service, is brought to Greendale to teach history. Every community college has a teacher who is not quite out of place. Cornwallis is that one.

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First introduced in “The Alternative History of the German Invasion”, he challenges his class to “look at history from all angles”. Cornwallis appears to be the perfect teacher to push his students and his mission to look at both sides of the story lingers as the study group goes to war with a trio of German students in a bid to take over the classroom. ‘study. Yet the public gets nothing. more of the teacher.

Admiral Slaughtery – Boating

Due to the fact that Greendale was far from the ocean, it seemed odd that the college had a boating class, but that’s where the charm of the show lies. Despite this, fans discovered Admiral Slaughtery played here by Lee Majors. A tough but fair teacher, Slaughtery takes the students out of the classroom and teaches them with hands-on experience and he has had a few lessons to teach students about life.

In a simulation where the parking lot stood like the ocean, Slaughtery stood as a spectator as he watched his students take control of a boat. Shirely, as captain, here becomes more assertive and Pierce who takes a hard lesson from the reality of failure. The rest of the students learned the important lesson of staying together and working as a team through the violent storms that are life.

Professor Professorson / Sean Garrity – Conspiracy Theory / Drama

In the quintessential return of the ’70s thrillers, “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design,” a mystery arises as to who Professor Professorson was? The unknown professor taught conspiracy theories in history and according to the dean neither the class nor the professor exists.

In the end, it was Sean Garrity, the drama teacher played by Kevin Corrigan. Here he plays someone who takes his teaching seriously and like all theater teachers his manners are over the top and overly dramatic. He returns one last time in “Introduction to teaching” in a class dedicated to the question: Nicolas Cage. Good or bad?

Eustice Whitman – Accounting

Greendale Accounting Professor - Community Eustice Whitman

One of the most dynamic teachers who tried to teach study group life was Professor Eustice Whitman.. He was first introduced as a professor of accounting. Although this is an accounting class, Whitman spends the entire episode teaching the students anything but. According to other students, the class was supposed to be an easy A. The class would end up being a lot harder for Jeff to pass than he thought.

Whitman is a wacky professor who is inspired by Circle of Missing Poets and leads the class in an unorthodox lesson from Carpe Diem. He’s the kind of teacher who prefers to be your friend rather than being an authority. Her goal for her students is for them to live in the moment and celebrate life. To be successful in his class all Jeff has to do is enjoy the day and as he desperately misses every chance of doing it, Whitman is there to push him harder.

Ian Duncan – Psychology

An image of Ian Duncan sitting in the Community cafeteria

When Community first aired in 2009, fans got their first glimpse of John Oliver’s Ian Duncan.. Having started at Glendale as a psychology professor who owed Jeff a favor after helping him with his speeding ticket, he quickly became a favorite. He is also one of those professors who, had they existed in the real world, would have been fired.

Duncan spends the majority of the time like a drunkard and a creep. He’s probably the last person anyone would want to advise them to because he can barely advise himself. Still, his memorable presence in college had fans wanting more. One of his memorable moments comes when he teaches Annie Duncan’s theory that caused chaos and prompted Duncan to have his own temper tantrum with Annie.

Dr Marshall Kane – Biology

A still image from Community - Dr. Marshall Kane, professor of biology

Most of the teachers who graced Greendale College were the kind of teachers fans would love to take part in their class. One of them is Dr. Marshall Kane, played by the late Michael Kenneth Williams. Kane taught biology and his first introduction was just as memorable as the actor himself.

On the first day of class, Kane tells the students about his life story. While serving 25 years in prison, Kane worked hard to earn a teaching degree. Williams’ voice vibrates here but is continually interrupted by Jeff’s phone ringing. Williams uses his time on the show by requisitioning every episode he’s in. His bossy, calming presence was fascinating to watch even when he asked his class what had happened to the legos?

Buzz Hickey – Criminology

Jonathan Banks as Buzz Hickey in his office on Community

Many Greendale teachers are played by famous actors. Buzz Hickey is one of them. He is played by Jonathan Banks from Breaking Bad and he joins faculty in Season 5 as a professor of criminology. Although he doesn’t actually start the show by teaching the topic, but instead teaches newly-hired Jeff the art of teaching itself.

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Hickey teaches Jeff the tricks of the community college teaching profession while also showing him how to deal with bullies. While teaching criminology, he uses his mysterious experience in military and police work to help his students solve a crime in Greendale. He spends the majority of his time on the show as a member of the group not as a teacher but as a colleague.

Ben Chang – Spanish

Ben Chang seated in the chair in front of the classroom, wearing a sombrero

As the show’s central teacher and study group nemesis, there’s no better way to end this list with Ben Chang. The Spanish teacher, played by Ken Jeong, was an integral part of the show’s long run as a villain and teacher and fans either loved him or hated him.

The erratic professor was explosive and had some of the show’s memorable lines. He made it his mission to intimidate his students by literally facing them. When it became known that his teaching credentials were bogus, he was fired. That doesn’t stop Chang from coming back again and again. No matter what type of character he played on the show, Jeong did it meticulously.

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