Chelsea boss Tuchel on shock Brentford defeat: why should I make a drama out of it?

Thomas Tuchel says he won’t ‘make drama’ out of Chelsea’s shock loss to Brentford, opting instead to see their 4-1 loss as a blow after delivering much stronger results over the course of the season.

The Blues took the lead at Stamford Bridge through Antonio Rudiger’s stun from a finish, only to crumble in dramatic circumstances against the Bees, who went on a rampage to secure one of the biggest upsets in the league. season.

But speaking afterwards, Tuchel refused to get particularly hot under the collar of his side’s defeat, opting instead to focus on his side showing they are more than capable of winning elsewhere.

What was said?

“After so many victories and so many good results, I refuse to make a drama of it, because why should we do it?” Tuchel said after the full-time whistle. “Brentford made a big part of the 10 minutes we gave them.

“After the third goal we had a goal disallowed, we had a pressing situation against the goalkeeper, a big, big chance for Havertz, we missed three and the feeling that ‘it’s not our day’ “. There are certain reasons why we can put on ourselves and we will analyze.

“Once we had [the opener] we stopped defending and gave away three goals in 10 minutes. It was very atypical and killed the game for us.”

Tuchel denies Madrid’s distraction rhetoric

Chelsea leave the Premier League for European duty next week as they prepare to face Real Madrid in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final. But despite the pressures to come, Tuchel refuses to accept the idea that his team were preoccupied.

“Were we distracted by the Real Madrid game? Absolutely not,” he added. “We selected the team that we thought was the best team, not one percent from Real Madrid.

“It’s harder for us than for them to play as an underdog and be well prepared for this game. We were also well prepared, but we were prepared in a training session and a half. I don’t didn’t see the distraction there.”

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