Charlie Cox to star in Netflix spy drama “Betrayal”

With so much talk about whether or not the multi-talented Charlie Cox will return to the MCU as Daredevil, the actor continues to diversify his resume. As first reported by Deadline, Cox will go on to direct the cast of an upcoming spy series in the works at Netflix.

Cox is joined by Quantum of Consolation star Olga Kurylenko and Game of thrones alum Oona Chaplin in the cast of the series. The series comes from screenwriter Matt Charman (Bridge of Spies), who will also be a showrunner and executive producer. Valery Ryan (The witcher) will lead the 6-part series.

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The project, titled Treason, reportedly followed an MI6 agent named Adam Lawerence. However, his past catches up with him. A Russian spy named Kara forces her to question everything and everyone in her life. Additionally, his wife Maddy also throws a wrinkle into the equation as the three must navigate a complicated web of lies, secrets, politics and love lives.

Charlie Cox recently starred in an Irish television series titled Close. Additionally, the actor boasts notable stage roles alongside Tom Hiddleston in the Broadway revival of Treason. Then rumor has it the actor will make his MCU movie debut as Matt Murdock as Peter Parker’s lawyer in Spider-Man: No Path Home. Other rumors indicate Marvel Studios will relaunch Netflix daredevil for Disney +.

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