Love story

Pen15: Why Gabe’s LGBT Love Story Is So Important

Gabe’s love story is more important than Maya and Anna’s clichéd adventures in Hulu’s Pen15, and for good reason. The two seasons of Hulu Pen15 focused on Maya (Maya Erskine) and Anna (Anna Konkle) as they move into eighth grade and try to find their place in the school’s social …

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5 Movies Like Really Love You Must See

“Really Love” is a love story that follows a whirlwind romance between a struggling artist and a promising law student. Their connection is undeniable, but real-world pressures and individual ambitions threaten to prematurely engulf their happy but delicate relationship. A measured and realistic look at the intricacies and evolution of …

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Teresa Siedlecka finds her husband hidden from the Nazis

This story is part of Loved and Lost, a statewide media collaboration that works to celebrate the lives of every New Jersey resident who has died from COVID-19. To learn more and submit a loved one’s name for profiling, visit Teresa Siedlecka’s singular love story began during WWII when, …

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