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If Hallmark ever wanted to make a modern, romantic tale of The devil wears Prada, it’s the perfect script for adaptation. Author Emily Henry has captured all of the classic Hallmark tropes in her new rom-com, book lovers, including a small town repair project and a main character who embodies a perfect combination of Miranda Priestley, Andrea Sachs and Nigel – but some of our favorite tropes are subverted, modernized or just tweaked a bit.

In the opening pages, readers meet Nora, a neurotic and ruthless book editor, and her sweet little sister, Libby. When the pair take an extended vacation in Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, everyone’s motives are challenged and Nora’s peaceful stay is disrupted when she encounters her equally ruthless work nemesis, Charlie Lastra.

A lot happens next, but just know that romantic banter is next level.

On the surface, book lovers is truly a love story. Not just between Nora and Charlie, but also between Nora and Libby. The novel is also about trauma and healing, and how it can bring like-minded people together (perhaps too much).

book lovers is Henry’s funniest and most heartwarming novel to date; but it wasn’t until the first copies began to find their way into the eyes, hearts and hands of critics that Henry began to believe that she might have struck gold. It also didn’t help that she was sequestered in her writing den for over a year trying to write a witty love story amid the COVID-19 pandemic. where first dates and awkward encounters seemed like relics of the past.

We sat down with Henry to talk about book loversfrom his love of big and small towns to all the nods and nods from the novel to real-life book lovers, as well as discussing his upcoming project.

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Scary Mommy: I found it funny how Nora jumps at the end of the books – my mom is the same. But Libby is the opposite, she doesn’t even read the cover. Do you think you look more like Nora or Libby?

Emily Henry: I’m a lot more like Libby actually. I don’t want to know how a book ends. Sometimes I’ll text a friend if I know they’ve read it to say, “This is how I feel, should I read it?” But, I like not knowing. The least I can know is ideal for me as a reader.

As a writer too! I’m not a cartoonist because I like to write for the same reasons I like to read. It feels like a really intense reading experience, where I don’t know what’s going to happen and I need to know. It’s really fun to write a draft this way.

did you know how book lovers was going to end, or do you have a rough idea of ​​where you wanted Nora and Charlie to end up?

I knew from the start that Nora had to go back to New York because that was the whole idea behind the book for me. I really wanted the message to be that she doesn’t need to change. She needs to heal and grow, but she doesn’t need to fundamentally change who she is.

I really try to keep it because it’s a character arc. Thus, a character deciding to give up his life in the city does not necessarily mean that the author says that cities are bad. But when you see this story over and over again, it’s like, “Well, what do we say about people who live in the city?”

Nora is a steadfast and independent woman, but she is seen by her peers as a shark. Was there any awkwardness writing about a shark agent (and future editor) and then handing the draft over to your literary team?

Fortunately, they knew from the start how it was going to be; however, there were a few fun details. My agent actually has a Platoon and is in love with it, as I think most people are obsessed with their Platoon.

The reason I wanted Nora to be an agent is because it’s such a weird job. You’re kind of this advocate and negotiator where you have to be a badass to get what your clients need, but your clients are just a teary mess and so ridiculous and needy. So you have to be gentle with them and get them to do their job. I know this because I am a writer.

All my writer friends, we’re in our group text saying, “Omg, I emailed my agent in the middle of the night because I was freaking out about this. Now I know it doesn’t matter. I think it was fun to write a character who was both badass and really knows how to be there for people. I felt like it was a big thank you to my publisher and agent.

Sort of like “I’m sorry and thank you”.

Yes, it’s like the whole book! And that’s why the book is dedicated to my agents, editors, publicists and marketers. This whole book is like a love letter to them.

Sometimes I read romance because I want a lighter read, but your novels are more than that. book lovers is a romantic comedy, but it also has warm plots. Vulnerability and loss are two big themes, and then you have several characters who are in a phase of self-discovery. How do you balance a sexy-as-hell plot that also tugs at the heartstrings?

First of all, thank you. That’s a huge compliment. It just means a lot. When I started writing my first romance novel in Read on the beach, I really wanted to write this fun, light and sexy romantic comedy. Then immediately I’m like okay, her father died and betrayed her, and instantly my brain goes to it. I don’t really know how to get inside the characters’ heads without understanding the worst thing that’s ever happened to them.

Basically, you reflect on a traumatic event, assign it to the character, and see what happens?

That’s how I understand the characters. In romance, it’s largely about this character arc. You need this person to realize or awaken during this love story to feel like a story in its own right. To understand the arc of the characters, I need to know what changes for them. How did they see the world that wasn’t fair from the start? It usually comes from trauma. There were so many drafts of book lovers I just try to make it funny enough and lighthearted while having those heavier moments.

I love the witty banter between Nora and Charlie. Does it come to you in the first draft or not until the end?

It’s a bit of both. With book lovers, it took a lot of drafts to get it to where it is. I wasn’t sure the book was funny until I completely gave it back and people started reading it. All the time I was writing, I was like, “That’s not funny. I’m not funny anymore,” because we were in the middle of a pandemic. I didn’t see anyone. I don’t know how to talk to people anymore.

Would you say that was your biggest challenge?

You succeeded. I’ve never had this specific issue when writing before where I can’t remember what it’s like to go out and do things. I don’t really remember what it’s like to go and meet someone new. This is the first book I’ve written during the pandemic.

The truth is that I have nothing more to say. I have to go somewhere. I need to be surrounded by friends. I need to take a trip. You must have life experiences or you have nothing to write about.

Within this novel is another novel. Have you ever felt like you were writing two books at once?

book lovers is for readers. Everything in the book is a wink and a nod to people who love books. By not telling the actual story of Nadine Winters, I found it amusing to keep drawing comparisons to other books that many people have read in recent years, such as A man called Ove by Fredrik Backman and A little life by Hanya Yanagihara.

What are you working on now? Will we be entitled to a Bigfoot erotica from Emily Henry?

Haha! My editor would kill me if I returned this – she thinks I’ve been working on something else all this time. But yeah, I’m working on something else that’s supposed to come out next summer. The process is very similar to book lovers in that I just rewrote it, and rewrote it, and rewrote it, and it just keeps getting a little closer. It’s another romantic comedy. I can’t say too much about it, but there’s a friend group that’s really central, so there’s a larger cast, but still a love story. And I have fun with it!

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Inside Jordan Larsson’s Celtic love affair with son Henrik available on free transfer Tue, 28 Jun 2022 11:04:30 +0000

There would be few more popular free transfer signings at Celtic Park this summer than Jordan Larsson.

It was revealed yesterday that the son of club legend Henrik is leaving Spartak Moscow a year early – and is available on a free transfer.


Henrik Larsson with his son Jordan at ParkheadCredit: Kenny Ramsay – The Sun Glasgow
Jordan Larsson on the pitch during Henrik Larsson's Parkhead farewell game


Jordan Larsson on the pitch during Henrik Larsson’s Parkhead farewell gameCredit: Kenny Ramsay – The Sun Glasgow

The Hoops are already well served in the frontcourt with Kyogo Furuhashi and Giorgos Giakoumakis both claiming an oft-recognized attacking spot in Ange Postecoglou’s 4-3-3 form.

Daizen Maeda is another option to play in the middle although the Japanese star is often deployed on a flank.

So, is there room for another striker? Maybe.

If so, Sweden international Larsson would certainly be a nice addition.

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The 25-year-old has scored 22 goals in 72 appearances for the Muscovites – even though he netted just 5 during a loan spell at AIK Solna last season.

And the connection to Celtic is clear – although trying to make a name for himself without the shadow of his father would be difficult.

Born in Rotterdam when Larsson played with Feyenoord – Giovanni van Bronckhorst was a friend and team-mate – the Swede regularly brought his son to Parkhead to kick things off with other kids at end-of-season parties and games.

It clearly had an impact on the young Larsson, who said: “For me, Celtic will always have a special place in my heart.

“It’s not that I played there in that sense, but it was the first place I saw football when I was young and would go with my mum to see games when my dad was playing. .

“That’s where I have the greatest memories in my head.

“‘You’ll never walk alone’ when you have all the scarves before games and stuff, so of course that will always have a special place in my heart.

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“But at the same time, since my father is what he is at the club, I think for me personally, if I ever had the chance to play there, I would like to establish myself even more, to make a name before you do.. play there.

“But of course it’s tempting.”

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Spy x Family closing theme and how it explains Anya’s story Sun, 26 Jun 2022 21:14:06 +0000

The Spring 2022 Hit Anime Spy x Family hooked fans for many reasons. Not only is the story of a makeshift family between a spy, an assassin, and an esper entertaining, but the anime features both a catchy opening and ending. The opening song, “Mixed Nuts” by Official Hige Dandism, is fast-paced and features piano, drums and guitar. The jazzy feel of the song mimics the intense nature of the show.

The ending song “Comedy,” written by Gen Hoshino, is softer in comparison, and the instruments sound noticeably less intense. This accompanies the relaxed nature of the final video which shows Anya going through life with her family. Looking closer at the lyrics, the song reveals Anya’s true feelings and love for Yor and Loid.

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Spy x Family Ending Theme: Verse 1

fight against each other

‘Til almost everything was in ruins

On this mischievous planet

I’ve been a stranger since the day I was born

My tears have dried up

The place I return to is in my dreams

Spy x FamilyThe closing theme begins with Anya’s memories of the orphanage. Franky said she was adopted and returned four different times, while Anya was also transferred from two orphanages. So far, the anime hasn’t revealed much about Anya’s past, her birth parents, or how she ended up in the orphanage, but a few flashbacks show her in a lab.

Anya hates studying and her flashbacks reveal that scientists had special study periods. Perhaps this study meant times when she had to train her telepathic powers. When Anya cried, the scientists told her that she “didn’t have time for tears.” In the fifth line of the song, Anya cried so much that she ran out of tears. She always felt like an outsider because of her powers and kept them a secret out of fear.

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Verse 2

I met you where I left

You with all your secrets

pretend to be normal

I had given up looking for a place where I belong

Only to find out I had to make one for myself all along

The second verse refers to when Anya met Loid and he adopted her. When they first met, Anya read Loid’s mind and realized he was a spy. Upon learning this secret, she made sure he would adopt her because of the excitement of having a spy for a father.

Although Anya is aware of Loid and Yor’s true identities, she loves her family, even when they make up bad lies to explain their strange behaviors. The last line of the verse explains that with her new family, though it may be wrong for Loid’s mission, Anya has finally found a sense of belonging. Her parents accept her as she is despite the trouble she can cause them.

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We made a deal that day

thicker than blood

A heart-to-heart pact

The pre-chorus is a short phrase that references the new Forger family. When Anya was adopted, she officially became Anya Forger. For her, being accepted into a family was much thicker than blood. With how many times she had been adopted and sent away, she had lost hope, as mentioned in the first verse, that she would ever find a place where she belonged.

Loid finally broke that cycle. Although he only adopted it for his mission, various authorities in Spy x Family show how much he cares for her. He played with his game and rented a castle to encourage him to go to school. Yor treats Anya like his own daughter and defends her at the grocery store when thugs try to take her.

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Shall we hold hands and go home?

What should we eat tonight?

“Here’s what happened today”

That’s what I wanted to talk to you about

Every day is

A comedy with you

Dancing on a squeaky bed

roll around laughing

We will continue our ridiculous daily

The choir of Spy x FamilyThe closing theme of sums up how Anya sees her life with Loid and Yor. Every day with the spy and the assassin is a comedy for her. She wants to hold their hand, tell them about her day and laugh together while jumping on the bed. These lines are reflected in the ending sequence, where Anya dances with her parents as they go about their day before finally tucking her in for bed.

The last line of “we’ll continue our ridiculous daily lives” says that while the Forger family may not be perfect, they’re always there for each other. Anya loves her parents and the life they created together.

The ending theme lyrics help reveal Anya’s love for her family. It’s also a reflection of herself and how lonely she felt before she met them. The sad lines of loneliness and isolation eventually turn into joy and excitement. The ending song helps showcase “family” and what it means to be one from Anya’s perspective.

Jacksonville’s Tedeschi Trucks Band releases 4 new albums Sun, 19 Jun 2022 09:00:32 +0000

Jacksonville’s Tedeschi Trucks Band drew inspiration from an age-old Persian love story for their new album.

And the album afterwards. The next too. Oh, and a fourth too.

The band, fronted by the husband-and-wife team of slide guitarist Derek Trucks and guitarist/vocalist Susan Tedeschi, is releasing four albums this summer, one a month. “I Am the Moon: Episode I. Crescent” was released on June 3. “I Am The Moon: Episode II. Ascension” is slated for release on July 1, followed by “I Am The Moon: Episode III. The Fall” on July 29 and “I Am The Moon: Episode IV. Farewell” on August 26.

They are all based on “Layla and Majnun”, an ancient tale first recorded by the 12th century Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi. It’s the story of a man who becomes so obsessed with local beauty Layla that his friends call him crazy. Layla’s father refuses to let his daughter marry a madman, so they live their lives apart. The story has inspired dozens of films and plays and at least one opera.

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