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Adventureland: 10 best songs from the movie

Music is a major component of Greg Mottola’s summer 2009 indie classic, Land of adventure, which takes place in a theme park in Pennsylvania. The characters wear Neil Young and Hüsker Dü t-shirts, mixtapes, listen to vinyl records and discuss the rumor of an Adventureland employee jam session with legendary …

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Barbara Crampton’s horror film about vampires

Anne (Barbara Crampton) goes from “church mouse” to supermarket mannequin.Picture: Shudder The story of a woman who comes into her power after receiving a supernatural boost isn’t exactly new, but looks a lot like a more traditional story. makeover stories, it’s often rewarding enough to justify being so familiar. The …

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Theme festival – Telefilms | Projections

Programming profile It’s not just the pandemic that is giving the made-for-television film industry a boost – the growth of streaming, the availability of top talent and changing audience demands are also factors, reports Ruth Lawes. At the 2021 Oscars, it was not a large Hollywood studio that collected the …

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