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Cary Fukunaga may be getting ready for his Bond movie No time to die to finally hit theaters, but there were other well-known films that could have had the director’s unique style. Famous, Fukunaga was working on an adaptation of Stephen King THIS for a number of years before the movie moved on from Warner Bros. to New Line Cinema, then from director to Andy Muschietti.

While we haven’t gotten to see Fukunaga’s take on the murderous demonic clown terrorizing Derry, Maine, there doesn’t appear to be any ill will between Fukunaga and the two. THIS chapters that we ended up getting. Talk to Hollywood journalist, Fukunaga explained why the Stephen King adaptation ended up changing directors after receiving writer’s credit and working there for several years:

“I worked on this for four or five years with Warners, and then it moved to New Line, just before we were about to go into production,” he says. “I think New Line’s vision of what they wanted and my vision of what I wanted were very different. I wanted to do a drama with horror elements, rather The brilliant. I think they wanted to do something more [pure horror] As Annabelle [from the Conjuring films]. It was essentially the disconnection.

To be honest, I would have loved his version of THIS as much as I liked Andy Muschietti’s because I think this story works either way. What works in King’s world is that his stories are rarely outright horror. They’re filled with allegories and lessons with a spooky twist, but you can visually tell them like drama with the horror aspects littered with it. We saw it with The brilliant, as Fukunaga pointed out, and we have also just seen it with the two Pet Sematist and Doctor Sleep.

Same Secret window, which is probably King’s most impactful adaptation is still drama foremost, so I think a THIS who focused on the drama and exploration of the loss rather than the murderous clown and fear within? It would work extremely well.

That’s not to say Muschietti hasn’t worked. It made. I loved the look at the fear and what drives us about the Losers Club and how they came together to take on Pennywise in both Computer Science: Chapter One and Computer Science: Chapter Two. But to have a more dramatic turn in the film would have been nice as well.

Maybe it’s because The brilliant is my favorite Stephen King story, but I just love it when the horror is second to the story being told. Fukunaga has a habit of telling great stories animated by their character’s arcs, and seeing that in Stephen King’s world would have been great. But there are still a lot of King stories that need adaptations, so he might not have given us THIS, but I would still like to see Fukunaga tackle a story of King.

(image: new line cinema)

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Bring less dystopian sci-fi Apple TV + http://cakemaker.org.uk/bring-less-dystopian-sci-fi-apple-tv/ http://cakemaker.org.uk/bring-less-dystopian-sci-fi-apple-tv/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 23:34:28 +0000 http://cakemaker.org.uk/bring-less-dystopian-sci-fi-apple-tv/

Apple TV + is targeting the stars with two new sci-fi series and a movie this fall. Trailers for Foundation, Invasion and Bullfinch everything looks amazing. And dark. Descriptions for each of these include either “dystopian” or “apocalypse” or both.

Could we get some more upbeat sci-fi from Apple’s streaming service?

Apple TV + Sci-Fi: Improved Gloom

The first full trailer for the Apple TV + series Invasion dropped out on Wednesday. It’s an epic about an alien attack on Earth, starring Sam Neill.

You might be able to guess from the trailer that this is a very ambitious program. It was shot in New York, Manchester, Morocco and Japan. “Invasion is an extensive, character-driven sci-fi drama series that follows an alien invasion through different perspectives around the world, ”Apple’s press release states. We are talking about global destruction.

And Foundation greatly expands the apocalypse. It begins with the fall of a galaxy-wide civilization. Something the trailer highlights with explosion after explosion.

Bullfinch is a smaller story, starring a charming Tom Hanks, his dog, and his robot pal. And it starts with the death of literally everyone else on Earth. And the character of Hanks is dying too.

It’s entirely possible that all of this will change things by the end. Maybe Earth will fight the aliens in Invasion. Foundation is meant to be about rebuilding galactic civilization, though the trailer only shows its downfall. And maybe Bullfinch will end with some kind of happy ending.

But it would be nice if Apple TV + had a sci-fi movie or series that didn’t kill thousands, millions, or billions.

Maybe just a little more optimistic, please

While these sci-fi shows all look amazing, I’m not sure if apocalyptic or dystopian is what most people want right now. Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but we have all just lived more than 18 months of a global pandemic. And it still continues. I’m not going to stress the total cost… it’s too depressing.

This is one of the main reasons why the biggest success of Apple TV + is Ted lasso. It’s just about the most upbeat and positive show I’ve ever seen. i don’t suggest Ted Lasso in space, but Apple could certainly make a sci-fi series that isn’t about the end of the world.

Let’s not forget the three science fiction series already on the streaming service. See takes place in a post-apocalyptic world (there is still that word). Amazing stories could have been quietly canceled. And while For all mankind is definitely a good drama, it’s not optimistic.

There is nothing wrong with the old “guy, girl and couple of aliens zooming in space fighting a dark lord while making jokes”. Yes, that’s a formula, but wading characters through dark destruction scenes to make a movie look more dramatic is just as formulaic. And it’s less fun to watch.

But let me be clear: I am excited about Foundation. If there’s a science fiction story by Issac Asimov that I haven’t read at least once, it’s not for lack of trying. The Apple TV + series looks phenomenal. And Bullfinch and Invasion have real possibilities. My request here is that Apple too make light adventure sci-fi. Something I can relax by watching at the end of a long week at work. A show that will give me hope for the future.

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Dame Helen Mirren Attends The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration | Celebrities http://cakemaker.org.uk/dame-helen-mirren-attends-the-queens-platinum-jubilee-celebration-celebrities/ http://cakemaker.org.uk/dame-helen-mirren-attends-the-queens-platinum-jubilee-celebration-celebrities/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 11:25:33 +0000 http://cakemaker.org.uk/dame-helen-mirren-attends-the-queens-platinum-jubilee-celebration-celebrities/

Dame Helen Mirren is expected to participate in the celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The 76-year-old actress will join a star cast to celebrate the jubilee at Windsor Castle, and the event will run four nights in May next year.

The Gallop Through History event is billed as “a personal compliment to our monarchy”. The show is designed to take audiences on a journey from Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth, featuring horses, dancers and musicians.

Volunteers from across the UK and the Commonwealth will also attend the celebration and a special competition will be held in the City of London.

A courtier told the Daily Mirror:

Helen is famous for playing the role of Queen Elizabeth in the 2006 movie The Queen.

And the actress previously admitted that she sympathizes with the monarch and that she “had a lifetime drama.”

She said: “[The Queen] I had a huge drama throughout his life.

“When I think she was in her early teens [it] It was World War II… what could be more dramatic? So what would happen to the family if Germany won the war against the Nazis?

“Yes, it really looked like Germany was going to win the war, so you know, she’s a woman who’s lived an extraordinary life of change, drama, tragedy, victory… she survives. Is a person. . “

Dame Helen Mirren Attends The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration | Celebrities

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Why Steven Spielberg was never the same after directing Jaws http://cakemaker.org.uk/why-steven-spielberg-was-never-the-same-after-directing-jaws/ http://cakemaker.org.uk/why-steven-spielberg-was-never-the-same-after-directing-jaws/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 16:44:00 +0000 http://cakemaker.org.uk/why-steven-spielberg-was-never-the-same-after-directing-jaws/

“Jaws” was the source of many horror fans’ nightmares, and even Spielberg himself was not completely immune. It appears that directing one of the world’s most acclaimed thrillers took its toll on the filmmaker, as he once recounted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2016. While touring the grounds of Universal Studios and growing nostalgic, Spielberg revealed that he often comforted himself by sitting alone on the set of “Orca” – the boat used to track the shark in the film.

“I used to go out for a few years after making the movie to get over my PTSD,” Spielberg confessed. “I was working on my own trauma, because it was traumatic. I sat alone in this boat for hours, just working, and I was shaking. My hands were shaking.”

Ouch. Apparently, the overwhelming backstage pressure of “Jaws” would continue to haunt the filmmaker for years to come. However, Spielberg went on to say that he owes his career to the film: “The experience gave me complete freedom for the rest of my career … The success the film enjoyed gave me the final cut. , gave me the chance to tell my own stories. “

While we are grateful to Spielberg for giving fans such an iconic horror for the ages, we hope time has helped his mental scars heal.

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My Son Review: James McAvoy shines despite familiar premise http://cakemaker.org.uk/my-son-review-james-mcavoy-shines-despite-familiar-premise/ http://cakemaker.org.uk/my-son-review-james-mcavoy-shines-despite-familiar-premise/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 18:45:32 +0000 http://cakemaker.org.uk/my-son-review-james-mcavoy-shines-despite-familiar-premise/

Christian Carion is co-writing and directing an English remake of his 2017 film, My boy. My son is a mysterious thriller about Edmond Murray (James McAvoy), who visits his ex-wife, Joan (Claire Foy), to help him find his missing son.

McAvoy is one of the most talented actors working today. He’s never been known to avoid a challenge, as he plays a man with 24 different personalities in To divide or do an in-depth monologue last month Together. His last acting attempt comes in this film as he improvises all of his dialogue. With only plot points given, McAvoy began filming each scene reacting to his situation in real time. It seems like a daunting task for an actor, but it was nothing McAvoy couldn’t achieve.

Like the best actors of the past and present, McAvoy has a way of letting dialogue sound natural instead of being repeated and memorized. Maybe the spontaneous nature of the film helps with that, but he never lets the fact that he improvises get in the way of his performance. He is really captivating in this role. McAvoy puts everything he can into this project, and while it can be easy to get carried away by the fact that everything he says is improvised, his work here is so alluring you might even forget it. at the end. . Foy is also fantastic as his ex-wife, Joan. Everyone in the movie does a great job of drama, with McAvoy and Foy matching each other’s emotional levels. Their characters go to dark places and both of them sell every second.

Unfortunately, the film can lose some of its familiarity. Movies about parents trying to uncover the truth about their kidnapped / missing children are rife, whether we have Liam Neeson mowing down the sex traffickers in Taken or Mel Gibson shouting on his cell phone while Ransom. When films re-use concepts and premises, what makes it interesting is how the filmmaker gives it a unique twist. Take that of Aneesh Chaganty Research-another film about a father whose child has disappeared. This thriller takes place entirely on screens, and that made the movie so much more engaging.

But this film doesn’t have much to do with it. Tonally, the film most closely resembles that of Denis Villeneuve Prisoners, a missing child film that enters very dark places with its characters. This movie aims for something similar but ultimately doesn’t offer a new take on the all-too-familiar premise. The first ten minutes don’t quite catch the audience, barely setting up the premise in an exciting way. However, for the next hour or so, the film mostly focuses on its characters, and it can be quite interesting to learn more about our protagonist and his past as he hasn’t always been there in his son’s life.

Ultimately, the movie can feel a bit monotonous, just stepping into generic territory as the characters are in the same situation for much of the movie. But the film takes a turn in its final act, becoming almost an entirely different film. Our final act throws the characters to a new place, and it doesn’t rely on some thrilling blockbuster action. Instead, the last thirty minutes are filled with a lot of calm and arousing tension that works well and is ultimately the best part of My son, despite its disposable villains.

While My son could have gone to more emotional places with Edmond and his son, the film is finally watchable. While the movie is a mystery in numbers that might not beg you to see it again anytime soon, and it may seem like the improv aspect is just a gimmick to get you to watch the movie in the first place, it doesn’t. isn’t a bad movie at all.

Having seen My son, it’s pretty understandable why the film was dropped on Peacock with little marketing behind. It’s not the most memorable thriller, but for those interested in McAvoy and Foy giving stellar performances in the midst of a mystery, this isn’t one you’ll regret checking out.

GOAL: 6/10

As the ComingSoon review policy explains, a score of 6 equals “decent.” It does not reach its full potential and is a mundane experience.

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Nuria Landete, Elamedia team for “In The Flesh” by Ainhoa ​​Menéndez (EXCLUSIVE) http://cakemaker.org.uk/nuria-landete-elamedia-team-for-in-the-flesh-by-ainhoa-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bmenendez-exclusive/ http://cakemaker.org.uk/nuria-landete-elamedia-team-for-in-the-flesh-by-ainhoa-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bmenendez-exclusive/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 07:28:10 +0000 http://cakemaker.org.uk/nuria-landete-elamedia-team-for-in-the-flesh-by-ainhoa-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bmenendez-exclusive/

Executive producer Nuria Landete and Spanish production-distribution company Elamedia are teaming up to co-produce Ainhoa ​​Menéndez’s feature debut, “In the Flesh”, a romantic drama with hints of terror.

The project is being developed on the Spanish Incubator platform, a six-month producer mentoring initiative, which is part of The Screen Industry program at the School of Cinema and Audiovisual of Madrid (ECAM).

More Variety

“Flesh” follows Mara, a woman in her late thirties, working as a stock girl in a supermarket, who grew up in foster homes. Throughout her life, all the people she loved have abandoned her, so to make them stay with her, she decides to eat them. Mara will have to face her cannibalistic instincts when she meets Sandra and falls in love with her.

“I think what makes ‘In The Flesh’ original is the treatment of its characters, the terrifying impulse Mara suffers from which is just a consequence of the loneliness and abandonment she feels. , and it’s something universal that can happen to any of us at some point in our life, ”said Nuria Landete Variety.

She added, “Ainhoa ​​wants the audience to be able to understand Mara even if they don’t share her animal impulse.” Landete will participate with “Flesh” in the next Luxembourg EAVE Marketing workshop. The title was also selected for the EAVE On Demand workshop at the Seville European Film Festival as well as for the Abycine Lanza independent film market in Albacete.

Berlinale Talent alum in 2016, Menéndez, who directed the shorts “Dolls Factory” and “Stela”, explained that the search for her identity is a common element in all of her previous works. This continues in his early days, where “strange characters, social outcasts seek to find and / or love someone. These are people who suffer from deep loneliness, ”added the director.

“It’s a story with great narrative and commercial potential that can appeal to a young audience eager for new roles and social models, due to the psychological interest of the characters,” said Roberto Butragueño, CEO of Elamedia. Variety. He added: “An audience more fond of the more bizarre genre or stories, due to the weirdness of its set-up, should also be interested.” Elamedia will also take care of the Spanish distribution.

Based in Madrid, Elamedia has studios and post-production facilities. It took the Spanish rights to “Sweat” by Magnus von Horn and “Red Moon Tide” by Lois Patiño. The company is also linked to the international sales company 34t.tv, based in Westwood, Massachusetts. 34t.tv has taken the international rights to films such as “Dear Werner” by Pablo Maqueda and “Emptiness” by Paúl Venegas.

In the Flesh - Credit: Courtesy of Nuria Landete

In the Flesh – Credit: Courtesy of Nuria Landete

Courtesy of Nuria Landete

The best of variety

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“Jaws” director Steven Spielberg had a harder time keeping extras on set than fighting the shark http://cakemaker.org.uk/jaws-director-steven-spielberg-had-a-harder-time-keeping-extras-on-set-than-fighting-the-shark/ http://cakemaker.org.uk/jaws-director-steven-spielberg-had-a-harder-time-keeping-extras-on-set-than-fighting-the-shark/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 09:05:08 +0000 http://cakemaker.org.uk/jaws-director-steven-spielberg-had-a-harder-time-keeping-extras-on-set-than-fighting-the-shark/

Jaws Director Steven Spielberg notoriously battled the shaking mechanical shark during the film, but a behind-the-scenes book revealed that the failing shark wasn’t his biggest problem.

The film was filled with extras. Mostly people who lived on Tony Island in Martha’s Vineyard where the movie was made. Many extras were thrilled to be part of what has become a groundbreaking historic horror film. But many of them weren’t so excited about showing up day in and day out for just $ 2.50 an hour.