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Cary Fukunaga may be getting ready for his Bond movie No time to die to finally hit theaters, but there were other well-known films that could have had the director’s unique style. Famous, Fukunaga was working on an adaptation of Stephen King THIS for a number of years before the movie moved on from Warner Bros. to New Line Cinema, then from director to Andy Muschietti.

While we haven’t gotten to see Fukunaga’s take on the murderous demonic clown terrorizing Derry, Maine, there doesn’t appear to be any ill will between Fukunaga and the two. THIS chapters that we ended up getting. Talk to Hollywood journalist, Fukunaga explained why the Stephen King adaptation ended up changing directors after receiving writer’s credit and working there for several years:

“I worked on this for four or five years with Warners, and then it moved to New Line, just before we were about to go into production,” he says. “I think New Line’s vision of what they wanted and my vision of what I wanted were very different. I wanted to do a drama with horror elements, rather The brilliant. I think they wanted to do something more [pure horror] As Annabelle [from the Conjuring films]. It was essentially the disconnection.

To be honest, I would have loved his version of THIS as much as I liked Andy Muschietti’s because I think this story works either way. What works in King’s world is that his stories are rarely outright horror. They’re filled with allegories and lessons with a spooky twist, but you can visually tell them like drama with the horror aspects littered with it. We saw it with The brilliant, as Fukunaga pointed out, and we have also just seen it with the two Pet Sematist and Doctor Sleep.

Same Secret window, which is probably King’s most impactful adaptation is still drama foremost, so I think a THIS who focused on the drama and exploration of the loss rather than the murderous clown and fear within? It would work extremely well.

That’s not to say Muschietti hasn’t worked. It made. I loved the look at the fear and what drives us about the Losers Club and how they came together to take on Pennywise in both Computer Science: Chapter One and Computer Science: Chapter Two. But to have a more dramatic turn in the film would have been nice as well.

Maybe it’s because The brilliant is my favorite Stephen King story, but I just love it when the horror is second to the story being told. Fukunaga has a habit of telling great stories animated by their character’s arcs, and seeing that in Stephen King’s world would have been great. But there are still a lot of King stories that need adaptations, so he might not have given us THIS, but I would still like to see Fukunaga tackle a story of King.

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