Call Her Daddy: Anna Delvey clears up confusion over German heiress rumor after Inventing Anna

Anna Delvey has cleared up confusion surrounding speculation that she presented as a German heiress.

The true story of Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin) reached a global audience when it became the subject of the hit Netflix series Invent Anna.

Invent Anna tells the incredible true story of Sorokin (played by ozark‘s Julia Garner), who successfully defrauded friends and major banks out of hundreds of thousands of dollars before being convicted of fraud and robbery.

At her trial in 2019, Sorokin was found guilty of defrauding more than $200,000 (£147,000) from hotels, banks and other institutions. She defrauded other sums of money from associates and friends she met under false pretenses.

Actual reports that Sorokin posed as a German heiress in order to defraud his peers were dramatized in the series, with other characters speculating on the origins of his enormous apparent wealth.

In a recent appearance on the call her daddy podcast, Sorokin spoke to host Alex Cooper in a video call from an ICE detention center in upstate New York where she was held for a year after her release from prison.

Cooper asked Sorokin to clarify whether she had in fact impersonated a German heiress to scam her associates or whether the background story was a fabrication in itself.

When asked if she had ever told anyone she was going to inherit the money, Sorokin replied, “No.”

She also said “no” when asked if she had ever told anyone she was a German heiress.

“Nobody shows up like that,” Sorokin replied. “Like, what kind of sentence is that? It’s completely ridiculous.”

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When asked how she thought the story surrounding her origins as a German heiress began, Sorokin said she thought “people set up this story after the prosecutor’s office released the statement of original press from which I was arrested in October 2017”.

“I guess that would be my guess, but I don’t know,” she added. “It’s hard for me to follow this because I was just in jail this whole time.”

Sorokin is currently being held by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for overstaying her visa.

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