‘Bones & All’: first look at Timothée Chalamet in Cannibal Love Story from ‘Suspiria’ director Luca Guadagnino

If you haven’t been able to track down any of the full sets in the collection, you’ll be happy to hear that some of the best Tremors suites are getting their own Blu-rays this summer.

Universal Studios will be released Tremors 2: replicas (1996), Tremors 3: Back to perfection (2001), and Tremors 4: the legend begins (2004) individually on Blu-ray July 13!

In tremors 2, “They’re back! The giant underground creatures that terrorized a desert city in Tremors are now making their way through Mexican oil fields, engulfing everything and everyone around – and only one man can stop them! In the style of its predecessor, this sci-fi creature comedy reunites Earl Basset (Fred ward) and gung-ho survivor Burt Gummer (Michel gross), two desperados of the desert who are responsible for destroying the monsters. Grady Hoover (Christophe Gartin), a young man who needs kicks, money and a career change and Kate White (Hélène Rasoir), a sexy and fearless scientist who has seen it all… until now. Together, they hatch an ingenious plan to hunt down and kill the creatures.

Then in Tremors 3, “These transformative man-eating monsters are shaking things up again in the dusty little town of Perfection, Nevada – and survivalist Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) is the only solution to the latest evolution! Aided by a couple of young local entrepreneurs (Shawn christian and Susan chuang), Burt pits his impressive knowledge of weaponry against the latest and deadliest generation of Graboids. If Burt and his new partners can’t find a way to stop them, then the creatures that put Perfection on the map will wipe it straight from the face of the earth. Tremors 3 promises mind-blowing, explosive entertainment that’s right on your seat.

And finally in Tremors 4, “Prepare to be shaken to the heart with Tremors: the legend begins, the thrilling prequel to the groundbreaking original film! When workers in a remote mining town of Rejection, Nevada, fall prey to an invisible creature, mine owner Hiram Gummer (Michael Gross), great-grandfather of Tremors‘Burt Gummer, hires a mercenary to destroy the carnivorous creatures before they swallow up his profits. What follows is a total assault that takes the battlefield from the depths of the earth to a suspenseful showdown on the streets of Rejection!

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