Best Shows Like Joe vs. Carole

Peacock’s latest original is a dramatic retelling of the entire “Tiger King” fiasco. Popularized by Netflix documentary tiger king, zookeeper and criminal Joe Exotic and environmentalist Carole Baskins have been the subject of much controversy with allegations of animal cruelty and attempted murder. The show draws heavily from the podcast On my corpse and is intended to impress fans of unconventional crime dramas.

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Due to the larger than life nature of its subjects, the show is filled with satirical overtones. So overall, fans of Joe versus Carol would like also enjoy shows centered around exaggerated single cases.


Saturday Night Live (1975-) – Stream on Hulu

Kate McKinnon as Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Kate McKinnon plays a major role in Joe against Carol, mimicking the dangerous charm of Carole Baskins. But if there’s one screen credit that has proven his skills as an impersonator, it’s clearly Saturday Night Live which is filled with Kate McKinnon’s most iconic characters.

The iconic late-night show has been running for several seasons and has spawned a cult fanbase with several comedians finding their big break here. McKinnon is no exception, having played original characters as well as real-life personalities like Justin Bieber, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani and many more.

American Crime Story (2016-) – Stream on Hulu

With three seasons to date, the anthology television series American crime history explores some of the country’s most sensational cases from a dramatic angle. Whether it’s the Bill Clinton sex scandal or the OJ Simpson murder trial, the show not only attempts to cover the crime, but also the events leading up to it. All parties involved get enough screen time for well-developed stories.

Given the buzz surrounding the Joe Exotic and Carole Baskins clash, it wouldn’t be surprising if a case like this popped up in the next one. American crime history season.

Shameless (2011-2021) – Stream on Netflix

Frank is sitting in the alley on Shameless

Remade from the British series of the same name, Shameless covers the daily misadventures of a neglectful, alcoholic father and his dysfunctional family. Driven by an energetic performance from William H Macy, the show won acclaim for its character-driven dark comedy.

With the other “shameless” characters on Shameless, Macy’s Frank Gallagher, looks eerily similar to Joe Exotic in terms of fashion and anarchic carelessness. Further away, Joe versus Carol creator Etan Frankel served as writer and executive producer for most of Shameless‘ the first seasons.

Twin Peaks (1990-2017) – Stream on Paramount Plus

David Lynch’s Groundbreaking Mystery Series twin peaks continues to arouse the interest of viewers. The show begins with a murder mystery in the titular Sleepy City, but it also charters horror territory with eerie supernatural elements thrown into the mix.

The investigative aspects of twin peaks have also become the benchmark for good mystery television. Thus, it is essential viewing for all detective fiction aficionados. In Joe against Carol, viewers get a glimpse of Kyle MacLachlan after a long while as he plays Carole’s husband, Howard Baskin. But before that, MacLachlan appeared as one of the main characters in twin peaks, marking his first date with the murder mystery genre.

Carole Baskins’ Cage Fight (2021) – Stream on Discovery+

Carole Baskins Cage Fight Title Card

The real characters of Joe versus Carol are so eccentric that their activities serve as perfect fodder for reality TV. Despite being the subject of conspiracy theories, Carole Baskins continues to enjoy media attention and Carole Baskins Cage Fight further evidence.

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The documentary miniseries covers Carole and Howard Baskins’ efforts to investigate cases of animal trafficking and illegal zoo visits. Whether viewers want to believe Carole’s good intentions or doubt her is up to them. But it is an interesting watch for fans of Joe versus Carol to better understand its titular characters.

Pam and Tommy (2022) – Stream on Hulu

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in Pam and Tommy

Actress Pamela Anderson and musician Tommy Lee were already a notorious couple in the eyes of the media. When their sex tape is stolen and made public, their notoriety only grows. Pam and Tommy covers the history of the infamous couple as well as all the scandal around the band.

Elements of investigative mystery are present in the show along with the frivolous energy of its main characters. A little like Joe against Carol, tv shows like Pam and Tommy are perfect for those who love their real-life dramas with passion and zeal.

Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic (2021) – Stream on the BBC

Louis Theroux sitting on his haunches with a picture of Joe Exotic

British journalist and documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux crossed paths with Joe Exotic for the first time for his documentary America’s Most Dangerous Pets. With never-before-seen footage from this documentary and new updates obtained after Exotic’s sentencing, Exotic Shooting Joe is a special that gives a pretty serious perspective, away from all the melodramatic hype.

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Not only does Theroux interrogate the usual suspects like Exotic’s lawyers, lovers, Carole and Howard Baskins, but it also includes his estranged brother and niece which gives a fair idea of ​​the Tiger King’s family life. So if viewers need serious consequences once they’re done with Joe versus Carole, Shooting Joe Exotic might seem decent.

Inventing Anna (2022) – Stream on Netflix

Alan Reed and Anna Delvey look at the art in Inventing Anna.

Invent Anna is a recent Netflix Original based on the tumultuous life of convicted con artist Anna Sorokin, a woman who posed as a German heiress and made her way through banks, hotels and socialites in America . Powered by one of Julia Garner’s best roles, the show also stars Anna Clumsky as journalist Vivian Kent.

Using Kent as an anchor, the miniseries attempts to get another behind-the-scenes perspective behind the fraudster’s actions. Due to the unconventional nature of the case and the main character’s effortless swindle, Invent Anna would be a perfect watch after Joe versus Carol. After all, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskins have been known to hide their own shady secrets.

Wild Wild Country (2018) – Stream on Netflix

Some documentaries are too weird to be true. And even if they are true, they make perfect TV drama content. This can be said for the documentaries and podcasts that came before Joe versus Carol. wild wild country is another such documentary series that is perfectly suited for a TV show adaptation.

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Covering the rise of controversial Indian mystic Osho who moved to a town in Oregon with his followers in an effort to create a new colony for their movement. The show also covers his close associate Ma Anand Sheela, who has had her own rise and fall. From a new religious movement to American backlash, there’s plenty of drama to unfold in this hugely entertaining Netflix documentary series.

Secrets of the Zoo (2018-) – Stream on Disney+

Secrets of the North Carolina Elephant Csar Zoo

Joe versus Carol documents how zoos can be breeding grounds for crime. However, a show like The secrets of the zoo can be a contrasting alternative that highlights the wholesome aspects of zoo maintenance. Fortunately, in this case, the “secrets” aren’t dark like Joe Exotic’s tiger parks.

The secrets of the zoo provides perfect viewing comfort as it provides insight into the day-to-day operation of the Columbus Ohio Zoo and Aquarium. The show also features touching stories about zoo workers and their bond with animals.

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