Barbara Crampton’s horror film about vampires

A blonde woman wearing spectacular sunglasses and a black and white blouse pushes a supermarket cart into Jakob's Wife.

Anne (Barbara Crampton) goes from “church mouse” to supermarket mannequin.
Picture: Shudder

The story of a woman who comes into her power after receiving a supernatural boost isn’t exactly new, but looks a lot like a more traditional story. makeover stories, it’s often rewarding enough to justify being so familiar. The most delightful version of this story usually involves a goofy girl turning into a glamorous villain, like Uma Thurman who blossoms into Poison Ivy in Batman and robin, or the maladjusted girls of The job become dazzling teenage dreams. Jacob’s wife, a new horror film coming to Shudder, follows the same path and with spectacular results.

Jacob’s wife– the new film by Travis Stevens, who directed and co-wrote with Kathy Charles and Mark Steensland – leans in by centering the action in a deceptively mundane setting, and giving us an endearing main character whose weird transformation is more liberating that terrifying. However, it is still a rather nightmarish experience for Anne Fedder (Barbara crampton, star of Re-animator, From beyond, and Zero string, to name a few), whose life before her sudden encounter with a vampire could be described as hopelessly boring. Married to Pastor Jakob Fedder (Larry Fessenden, whose acting credits include You are next alongside Crampton and The dead don’t die, and whose production credits include The last winter and a segment in ABC of Death 2), Anne has played the role of a conscientious ministerial wife for 30 years, cooking, cleaning, sitting during her husband’s sermons, enduring his disgusting grooming habits, and holding her tongue whenever he or she interrupts her. speaks, which often is.

Jakob (Larry Fessenden) is about to enlist vampires.

Jakob (Larry Fessenden) is about to enlist vampires.
Picture: Shudder

After the disappearance of a young member of the congregation, Anne defends her by insisting that “good people don’t leave their families” when people start to suggest that the teenager may have run away with a child. boyfriend. This belief is something Anne herself has to grapple with – first after a meeting with an old flame becomes surprisingly scorching, then after being bitten by a mysterious creature and feeling Something awaken in it. If she doesn’t want to cook Jakob’s breakfast, well, she won’t. Prim cardigans and crisscross necklaces are in favor of red lipstick and dramatic wardrobe choices (good thing she has a huge collection of scarves to hide those new holes in her neck). She also finds that she has super strength – redesigning the living room has never been easier! nod to her husband’s point of view. Jakob is puzzled by her behavior, but Anne has never been happier, admitting, “I feel more alive than I have been in years.”

The irony is, of course, that she is technically less alive than before, even if she is not enough a full-fledged vampire. “Hunger” is becoming an urgent problem (it is worth mentioning Jacob’s wife do not skimp on the gushing, the gushing, horrible blood, and creature effects … it’s a vampire movie, after all!), as well as other drawbacks, like the dangers of sunlight. There is also the disturbing but titillating presence of “the master“, the former vampire who bit Anne in the first place – something Anne begins to realize was not a random attack. (To name the actor who plays the Master would be a Jacob’s wife spoiler, although you can easily find it online if you’re curious.) In fact, calling it an ‘attack’ might not be entirely accurate, given the improvement in life for Anne in his wake.

Anne shows off her new hairstyle, eyes and teeth.

Anne shows off her new hairstyle, eyes and teeth.
Picture: Shudder

For his part, Jakob rolls with the vampire stuff a lot more pleasantly than he does with Anne’s newly assertive and liberated personality. the best vampire will instantly change Anne back to being her old, sweet self. Jacob’s wife don’t take the easy way out with Jakob’s character; he could have been just a type of minister from a small town with a closed mind and misogynist, and while there are certain elements of that, he’s more of a guy who got so used to his comfortable routine. that it does not occur to him to want one day to change it. Fessenden is very good as an oblivious, slightly rude (but not monstrous) man who is stunned to realize that his wife has long been deeply unhappy in their marriage. But really, this movie is about Anne.

Crampton is reliable in everything, but we often see her using her blonde, preppy beauty to contrast with anything. infamous character she plays (see: her turn of evil owner on the last season of Horror show). Here she is just as effective as a big-hearted woman forced into a situation she wouldn’t have chosen, but who finally realizes the power that comes from being able to choose for herself what happens next. Even if it’s about drinking human blood.

Jacob’s wife is currently available on demand and digital; he arrives August 19 Shdder.

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