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In her heyday in Hollywood, Barbara Bain made the headlines of many yesteryear television shows. She was there when the film industry underwent drastic changes and even introduced her followers to the spy craze of the 1960s. Barbara was one of the women who took matters into their own hands, broke down barriers and turned Hollywood into what people know today. Six decades later, since making her acting debut, Bain is still doing well and has shown no signs of stopping.

Barbara Bain attends a photocall at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Photo: Toni Anne Barson
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Barbara Bain is an award-winning American actress best known for her role as Cinnamon Carter on the 1966 action TV show. Impossible mission. His portrayal of Cinnamon Carter won him three Primetime Emmy Awards and received a Golden Globe Award nomination.

Bain has also appeared in many other television shows, including Space: 1999 (1975-1977), Walker, Texas Ranger (1998) and the classic legal drama series from 1957 Perry Mason. While Barbara Bain may not be the new face of Hollywood as it once was, her legacy and contributions to the entertainment industry remain timeless.

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Barbara Bain’s profile summary

  • Celebrated name: Barbara bain
  • Birth name: Sweet Fogel
  • Kind: Female
  • Date of Birth: September 13, 1931
  • Birth sign: Virgin
  • Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Age: 90
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Eye colour: Grey
  • Hair color: Blond
  • Weight: 55 kilograms
  • Height: 1.76 meters (5 feet 9 inches)
  • Body measurements: 34-27-36 inch
  • Sexual orientation: Law
  • Religion: Jewish
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Children: 2 (Juliet Landau, Susan Landau Finch)
  • Education: University of Illinois
  • Job: Actress, dancer, model
  • Active years: 1957-present
  • Twitter: @TheBarbaraBain

Early life

Barbara Bain was born Mildred Fogel on September 13, 1931 (age 90) in Chicago, Illinois, United States. His parents were Russian Jews who immigrated to the United States. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois, where she grew up. She attended the University of Illinois and obtained a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

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After graduation, Bain developed an interest in dance. She moved to New York to make her dreams come true and even took a dance class. But dancing did not advance her career as she had wished. As a result, she became a model.

Mildred had a short stint in modeling. She took another daring step when she was young to study acting at Theater Studio and then progressed to Actors Studio, which allowed her to become an actress.

Family, husband, children

Barbara bain
Bain and Martin Landau (1928-2017) with their daughters Susan (15) and Juliet (11) walking in Chester Square, London, June 1976. Photo: Ben Martin
Source: Getty Images

When Barbara Bain left Chicago for New York to study theater, she met actor, producer and designer Martin James Landau at the Actors Studio. Barbara and Martin initially had different impressions of each other’s characters, with Barbara describing him as arrogant and stupid, while Martin saw her as an empty-headed model.

Barbara Bain and Martin Landau married in 1957. They worked together on several television shows, including Impossible mission and Space: 1999. The couple shared two children (daughters), Susan Landau Finch and Juliet Landau.

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But in 1992, Barbara and Martin divorced. They had shared 35 years of marriage, Mildred describing it as half good and half as good. But in the end, she had had enough. After the divorce, Barbara never remarried.

Professional career

Mildred Bain did not start her acting career. Instead, she worked as a dancer but was never satisfied with it. This forced her to switch to modeling. In the early 1950s, model Barbara Bain partnered with Vogue, Harper’s, and other publications. But, sadly, modeling as a career didn’t satisfy her either.

Mildred worked as a model and dancer while living in Chicago. Then she left Chicago for New York to study theater. After studying for a year and a half, actress Barbara Bain started working on Broadway and her first role was in the drama film In the middle of the night. At this moment, In the middle of the night was on tour in 26 cities.

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The tour landed Mildred in Los Angeles, California, alongside her husband, Martin Landau. California turned out to be a land of entertainment, and she quickly found herself working on some of the most popular TV shows of the fifties.

Barbara’s first television appearance was in 1958 when she played Mary Owens in the American adventure / drama series. Harbor master. In 1959, Mildred appeared in numerous guest television shows, including Mike Hummer, Philip Marlowe, Richard Diamond, Private Investigator, Alcoa Theater, Tightrope, and more.

In 1960 Mildred Bain played Madelyn in the legal drama series Perry mason. Between 1961 and 1965, Bain made numerous appearances on television shows in minor roles or as a guest. She even appeared in Perry Mason in 1964 but playing a different character named Elayna Scott. After eight years of working as a television actress, Mildred Bain never landed a major role.

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That all changed in 1966 when she played Cinnamon Carter in the television series Impossible mission. She perfectly played a role for three seasons between 1966 and 1969 and appeared in 78 episodes. Due to her excellent character portrayal, Bain won three Emmy Awards in a row, 1967, 1968 and 1969 for the outstanding continuing performance of an actress in a leading role in a drama series.

Barbara bain
Actresses Barbara Bain attends the ceremony honoring Barbara Bain with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California. Photo: Paul Archuleta
Source: Getty Images

Although actress Mildred Bain was excellent in her prime, it took her 31 years to make her first film appearance. She played the role of Mary Casal in the crime film Believe me. She has also appeared in other films, including Skinheads (1989), Animals with toll (1998), Panic (2000), Do not forget me (2009), and more. Other Barbara Bain movies and TV shows from the 2010s and 2020s include:

  • Silver sky (2016)
  • Code Black (2016)
  • On the rocks (2020)

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Interestingly, between 1991 and 2021, Barbara Bain only appeared in 13 TV shows. Additionally, she has only made appearances in 24 films since starting her acting career over 60 years ago.

Barbara Bain’s Net Worth

Barbara Bain has been active in the entertainment industry for 64 years. She has worked as a model, actress and singer, earning a salary and getting mentions over the years. However, his official net worth remains unknown.

Barbara Bain’s Fast Facts

  1. What is Barbara Bain doing now? Barbara Bain continues to work as an actress in 2021. Her last film appearance was in 2020, when she played Gran Keane in the comedy-drama. On the rocks. Also, in 2020, she appeared in the TV show Space command playing Aunt Simone.
  2. Is Barbara Bain still alive? Barbara Bain is still alive in 2021. She will make a western movie appearance Something Happened: The Untold Story of Mice and Men Portraying the Widow.
  3. Does Barbara Bain have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Barbara Bain has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame installed on April 28, 2016.
  4. How many Emmy Awards has Barbara Bain won? Bain has won three Emmy Awards, which she has received in a row. She became the first actress in television history to receive three consecutive Emmy Awards (1967, 1968, 1969).
  5. Where does Barbara Bain live? As of August 2012, Bain resides in the Miracle Mile area in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  6. Is Barbara Bain a teacher? She is currently a member of Actors Studio West, where she teaches and performs stage work.

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Barbara Bain is an award-winning American actress and former model and dancer. She started her career in 1957 and rose to fame in 1966 when she played Cinnamon Carter in the action television series. Impossible mission. At 90, Barbara is still active in Hollywood and will appear in a classic western in 2021. On a personal level, Barbara has two daughters, Juliet Landau and Susan Landau Finch, whom she shares with her late and ex-husband. Martin Landau. posted an article on Eustace Conway. Eustache is a renowned mountaineer. Voluntarily living in a deserted area near the Blue Ridge Mountains, Conway has not only adapted to this kind of life, but lives it as well.

His house presented the popular Mountain Men series, which earned him a lot of money. What is his current net worth you will ask me? Well, read the article to know more about it and more.

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