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“Thrown by Love” – ​​a romance novel by local writer Christine Kelly – debuted last month at Kirk House Publishers.

The Savage Pacer interviewed Kelly this month about her writing process, inspiration for the novel, and her upcoming projects.

Author Questions & Answers: Boots and Bulls, Book One – Thrown by Love ”by C. Kelly (Kirk House Publishers).

Q: Savage Pacer readers may know you best as a longtime member of Savage City Council. How long have you been writing fiction?

I have been writing for years. Most of these writings were just individual scenes involving many different characters and unrelated storylines. It wasn’t until I wrote a scene for this book that I got ideas on how to expand the scene into a full novel.

Q: Tell us about your novel.

“Thrown by Love” is a love story; love between brothers and sisters, love for friends and more particularly love between a man and a woman. This story follows the love that blossoms between Joel Roulston and Carrie Nelson. Carrie agrees to appear on a reality TV show about becoming a ranch worker and bull rider. Joel and his two siblings operate the ranch where the show is filmed. It’s a sweet and healthy love story. Joel and Carrie face different challenges along the way and through these experiences they learn that the feelings they have for each other are deep and true. It’s ultimately a story with a “happy forever” ending.

Q: When did you start working on the story that became “Initiated by Love?” What was your writing process like?

I worked on writing this story for five and a half years. When I started writing the book, I didn’t think about publishing it. I knew I had a great story that I wanted to put on paper. I wrote as different scenes came to my mind and when I had time. As I mentioned, it was over the years. I wasn’t in a particular rush to finish it because I was writing it just for myself, and maybe for a handful of family and friends that I could share it with. As the story developed I found myself wanting to spend more time writing the story to finally “find out” what is going on with Joel and Carrie and finally give them a “happy ending for.” always “.

Q: The title of your novel suggests that there is more to the story. Are you able to share details of what to expect?

Yes, “Thrown by Love” is the first volume in the “Boots and Bulls” trilogy. I started writing the second book of the trilogy which is the love story between Joel’s brother Zach and Aubrey Zumronik, or “AZ” as his friends call him. Zach and AZ have known each other for most of their lives. When Zach learns that there is a threat against AZ and his family, he steps in to help find and eliminate the threat. Zach and AZ’s love story is about learning to overcome the hurts of the past and trust the person they each have become.

The third book in the trilogy is Maria’s Story, although my readers will have to stay tuned to find out who Maria falls in love with.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration as a writer? How have other books like this influenced your writing and style?

I find meeting new people and hearing their stories inspires me to create new characters. Each of us faces different challenges and has different experiences. When I hear about other people’s life experiences, it broadens my mind to create characters who also face different challenges than mine.

I also find inspiration by traveling to new places. I find that changing the scenery and discovering different places seems to generate a lot of story ideas. Sometimes traveling gives me an idea of ​​an obstacle that a character might need to overcome.

I have loved the romance genre my whole life. There are some amazing romance writers who have developed touching and inspiring stories. I hope my stories take my readers on a journey alongside characters who know life’s joys and challenges and are willing to take the risk of finding a love that lasts. Authors who write stories with close characters have influenced me the most. I hope my readers feel they can relate to my characters and the obstacles they face.

Q: Publishing a novel is a long process. How does it feel to have your book available to readers?

Holding the finished book in my hands is always a surreal experience. But I get more excited when I think about sharing Carrie and Joel’s story with everyone. Hearing my family and friends who have already read the book and enjoyed it motivates me to continue working on future novels.

Writing is a lonely process. While writing the story, I found myself walking alone with the characters, seeing and experiencing what they were doing. Hearing my readers, making them accompany them on the journey, converts the experience into an experience that I now share with others. It’s similar to what I imagine an athlete, let’s say a figure skater, goes through. She trains day after day, year after year. While she may have coaches and supporters helping her along the way, she’s ultimately the one, the only one, who can execute every move. Ultimately, it’s up to her to decide if she can complete the routine. But once she competes, then she is joined by the crowd. Fans can take part in the last leg of the journey. I think this is also true for my experience. In the end, it was ultimately up to me to finish the story. However, now that the story is over, readers can follow the journey with the characters. Readers can see, hear and experience what the characters are going through, and finally share those experiences with me. I am so excited to share this story.

Q: What advice do you have for other writers in the community who want to write or publish a novel?

Find someone to support your dream. As I mentioned, writing is a very lonely process. Having someone who encourages and supports you inspires a writer to keep making the story, to keep developing the characters into a story worth sharing.

Plus, the writing process involves a lot of rejection. An author seeking a literary agent or publisher should be prepared for rejection. It’s all part of the process. However, a friend who supports your dream of writing downplays the effect that rejection can have. Find someone who is ready to help you dream and visualize your success.

There are many ways to find this support. Join a writing group. I attend the Savage Writers Group and have come to rely on the support I receive from this group. I find some of the most helpful people are other writers. The writers I have met, in this group and other similar groups, have encouraged me and provided me with a lot of positive feedback.

Finally, I would also tell a new author not to give up. There are thousands of stories to tell. Don’t be afraid to say your own.

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