Antony Gormley ‘a proud British citizen’ despite applying for a German passport

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Sir Antony Gormley said he ‘remains a proud British citizen’ but was keen to maintain his links with Europe following reports he had applied for a German passport due to Brexit.

The 71-year-old sculptor, famous for creating the Angel of the North, reportedly described Britain’s departure from Europe as a “tragedy” during a recent exhibition of his work at Museum Voorlinden in the Netherlands.

In a statement to clarify his application for a German passport, Gormley explained that he was entitled to dual nationality because he had a German mother, adding that he was not giving up his British citizenship.

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The statement read: “Antony Gormley holds dual nationality because he has a German mother.

“Without renouncing his British nationality, he has decided to apply for a German passport which he will hold alongside his British passport.

“He remains a proud British citizen and is grateful for the tremendous support he has received from so many people and institutions across the UK, but he is also keen to retain his links with Europe and continue to show his work.”

The British sculptor is said to have said at the exhibition in the Netherlands: “I am embarrassed by Brexit, it is a practical disaster, a betrayal of the sacrifice of my parents and grandparents to make a Europe that was no longer working. be divided. . It’s a tragedy.

The Turner Prize winner has openly criticized the UK’s exit from the European Union in the past.

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