Aalisha Panwar sketches her role in the short film “Ishqiyaat”

Bombay, December 12 (IANS): After being part of director “Blind Love” by Prradip Khairwar, actress Aalisha Panwar is back with another short film titled “Ishqiyaat”.

The film, directed by Prradip Khairwar, also stars actor Rrahul Sudhir. Recently they were in the mountains for the shoot and had a great time.

Aalisha shares some details and says, “‘Ishqiyaat’ is the love story of a Kashmiri Muslim girl called Heer. It’s a different love story. In this movie my accent and my appearance are totally different. . I loved the shoot. “

Asked about director Prradip Khairwar, Aalisha said: “After ‘Blind Love 2’ this will be our third project together. Prradip Sir has been a wonderful director and human being. Every time we shoot with him the whole environment is very positive. He makes it so comfortable for artists that it becomes easy to tour with him. I’m sure people will fall in love with ‘Ishqiyaat’ when they watch it because it is just a love story. “

Rrahul Sudhir is the main male character in the film and fans have already started to praise this new “Jodi” on screen.

“It would be my first project with Rrahul and I knew him before but I had never worked together. We’re both from the north so we can relate to each other too. I hope the fans will love our ‘jodi’ in as long as Kabir and Heer and our chemistry will work too. “

Shooting north in the winter can be very difficult. She adds: “We shot a few parts in Manali, and also in Kashmir. December is the month when we see snow in the north. It’s also difficult because being the heroine, you can’t wear too many clothes. like overcoats, jackets and mufflers. “

“You have to be presentable with a nice outfit. It’s hard when you have to say the dialogue and act; sometimes you just freeze there. It’s a nostalgic feeling because I’m from Shimla, Himachal and I grew up. seeing snowfall. Since I moved to Mumbai, I don’t have much time to visit Himachal “, shares the actress.

Short films are indeed an interesting genre where actors are so exposed.

“Yes, shorts are definitely interesting genres that every actor can explore. As actors, it’s our job to act and entertain our audience. I love doing that, no matter what the platform, this is the reason why we meet very quickly. “

“There is a special start and end and in the short film there is a great story told for the audience. It’s so natural to do it without anything spicier than you might expect from the format. We have a upcoming song from ‘Ishqiyaat’ and a beautiful, beautiful title song that will be shot here in the mountains. “

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