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This week I want to tell you a story about Esther and John. Esther has been described by Golden Dara as an “esoteric” beauty. Golden was our neighborhood grammarian. He loved bombastic, bombastic lyrics. Golden was 21 and we were just impressionable 16 year old boys. Whether or not it’s poetically licensed or used correctly, we haven’t bothered to check; we just loved the sound of the word ‘esoteric’.

Moreover, Esther was the beauty of the neighborhood and only the “great grammar” could describe her beauty. The goal of many young men in the neighborhood then was to win her heart. Many have worked hard to achieve this goal. Some even attended a night vigil at his church as a ploy to show they were God-fearing men.

Esther was a very good young woman; pious and religious and that was a major obstacle. No amount of “soft or sweet talk” could break his resolve. Even Golden, with his costume gift, ran into a brick wall. The wall around his heart was impregnable.

Esther was also very intelligent. She wrote JAMB in one sitting and was admitted to study medicine at the age of 17. She was extremely focused and no horny young man would derail her path to chastity. Even younger boys like me, of whom Esther was the eldest (she was 20 at the time), hoped against hope that when we grew up, when we made money, we would pick up Esther and woo her; she was so beautiful.

Fast forward five years later, we learned that Esther had met a very good, godly, and religious brother at school. It was a match made by Cupid. In addition to being doctors, they both swore to wait until their wedding night before any marital activity.

Esther’s younger brother, who was our age companion, regaled us with stories about his sister’s chastity and was very proud of his decision. We slyly suspected that it came from the fact that no man in the neighborhood can boast of having eaten the sister’s apple.

Clearly, they both kept their vows and did not indulge in “pre-shipment cargo analysis,” as our mischievous friend Alaba would describe the marital activity. By the way, Alaba became a customs clearance and forwarding agent.

Esther got married and despite our excessive ambitions, we were all happy for her. Well, especially since rice and stew were very abundant at the wedding. We were also older and had moved on from her to other girls. She was still the best girl in the neighborhood.

Her husband was envied, lucky to have won Esther’s love. We didn’t like her, but truth be told, she was out of our league, older, and what would a good young lady have to do with horny men and rotten rascals?

I met Esther recently at the airport while waiting to catch a flight and the recognition was instantaneous. Still beautiful, in fact, like fine wine, it had aged gracefully over time. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and wondered why. His flight was delayed, so we both had time to catch up. She told me she was divorced. I told her I was sorry to hear about her divorce. I hope it has nothing to do with violence? As if reading my mind, she told me the reason for the divorce.

Apparently Brother John was helpless. She didn’t know, because they were both against “pre-shipment testing” of goods. On their wedding night, the one-eyed monster refused to stand up for active duty. Brother John informed her that it was because he was tired. Long story short, when she found out about his deception, despite her parents’ pleas to continue with the deception, she decided to end the marriage.

Honestly, I sympathized with her, and I know you can’t go back in time, but looking at Esther, still so sexy… I had to curb my fertile imagination! The Lord have mercy!

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