6 Sitcoms From The 70s And 80s That Need A Dramatic Reboot Like The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

The success of the spectacular restart of The prince of Bel-Air probably has studio CEOs wondering what other old sitcoms they can reboot into dramas.

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Saturday Night Live even parodied the idea with a dramatic reboot of Family matters. Studio executives should look no further. Here are old sitcoms that could make great dramatic reboots.

Married with children (1987)

The biggest obstacle to restarting Married with children would be Al Bundy’s signature performance by Ed O’Neill. It might be difficult for the public to accept Married with children in any format other than a sitcom. It would be like doing The Andy Griffith Show like a dramatic reboot. The public probably wouldn’t accept it. But there are many ways Married with children could work. One way would be to make it soapy like popular overnight soaps like Melrose Square Where Desperate Housewives.

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It would be a serious blow to his lucky guy who is trying to earn a small income and support his family. Another way would be to make a drama out of it like breaking Bad Where You better call Saul. Yet instead of the crime, audiences watch Al Bundy’s life deteriorate over the course of the series until the final show becomes the grumpy Al Bundy we all know and love. A crime element could work by simply focusing on a few of the many con deals Al was involved in on the original sitcom and stretching those con deals to last a season.


Welcome back, Kotter (1975)

Welcome back, Kotter was almost not approved because they thought the Sweat Hogs would be a bad influence on the youth of society and cause teenage delinquency. The show proved that the Sweat Hogs were dumber than delinquents. But now, audiences may be ready for a dramatic spectacle about the Sweat Hogs.

It could be a serious look at poverty and gang life with a former Sweat Hog teacher who cares. Of course, movies like lean on me, Stand up and deliver, and Freedom Writers were made about the subject to the point that it’s stereotypical and clichéd, but it was about movies and not a show. The length of a show can be whatever is needed to add depth to the gang teacher’s story.

Alice (1976)

A dramatic film about Alice has already been done. Alice was a movie before it was a sitcom. It was a movie called Alice doesn’t live here anymore, realized by Martin Scorsese. A spectacular reboot of Alice may look like this a middle-aged woman with a heart to succeed in music decides to use social media to do just that.

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Alice, a middle-aged single woman, works as a waitress during the day, but at night she plays music on TikTok, trying to become an influencer.

Chico and the man (1974)

Chico and the man was an American sitcom series that unfortunately only aired for four seasons because Freddie Prinze (the star of the show) committed suicide.

The show was about Ed (jack albertson), a grumpy old man who ran a run-down old garage in East LA, and an optimistic young man named Chico (Freddie Prinze) who wants a job. The show’s main gimmick was the differences between the two generations. A show like this could work with a battle between a Boomer and a Gen Z and their differences in outlook on the world.

facts of life (1979)

The facts of life was a sitcom spin-off Different strokes. The show is about Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) being a stay-at-home mom at a girls’ boarding school.

There are many ways to reboot a show like this. One way would be to make it soapy, think Melrose Square, Desperate Housewives, Where Scandalor make it sexy, think sex in the city. But, keep the different personalities of the Natalie girls (Mindy Cohn), Blair (Lisa Whelchel), Joe (Nancy McKeon), and Tootie (Kim Fields) that made the original show a hit in the first place.

Small wonder (1985)

The show Small wonder is about a robotics engineer (Dick Christie) that creates a robot-like human girl (Tiffany Brisette) and attempts to pass the robot off as the adopted daughter of the family. Even though Small wonder was a sitcom, the premise of the series always had a creepy feel to it.

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With the popularity of AI in movies like Ex-Machina and terminator films, the creep factor can be explored. It could be rebooted into a chilling horror or thriller series.

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