6 closed restaurants we miss

With an ever-changing foodie landscape in Savannah, it’s hard not to think of what it used to be. Memories are baked into the decades of food, service and community that have always transformed a Savannah restaurant from good to great to great.

Maybe it’s nostalgia or just that these restaurants are timeless treats that we will rightly remember forever.

Here are some Savannah restaurants we miss the most.

Larry’s Restaurant

3000 Skidaway Road.

Continued:Closure of Larry’s Restaurant on Skidaway Road

“Breakfast begins, lunch continues” is the legacy of longtime Skidaway Road mainstay Larry’s Restaurant. Those who made the early morning trip to the Southern Restaurant remember the satisfying plates of the hearty breakfast and the barbecue grub for lunch.

Larry’s permanently closed in August 2020 after closing at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

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beer house

513 E. Oglethorpe Ave.

beer house

Bier Haus transported customers to Europe with its wursts, schnitzels, and German and Belgian beers, all thanks to the spirit of chef-owner Marshall Ustadt, who died after battling COVID-19. We said goodbye to gastropub in 2020 after seven years.

Continued:Owner of The Bier Haus in Savannah dies of COVID-19


102 E.Victory Dr.


Continued:The Starland District Atlantic restaurant will close due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Before there was Arsdley Station, there was Atlantic. The Starland District restaurant nestled inside the intimate neighborhood space offered large plates of fresh menu items, perfect for sharing with friends or family. Atlantic opened in November 2016 and closed in July 2020.

Johnny Harris

1651 E.Victory Dr.

A line builds outside Johnny Harris on their last day of business after 92 years in business in Savannah.

There aren’t many restaurants that do nearly a century of service, but Johnny Harris, who turned 92, was the gift that kept on giving. Savannah’s legendary barbecue hotspot is remembered from the good old days for its constant promise of barbecue-smoked pork and world-famous fried chicken.

It closed in May 2016, but the icons never die.

Continued:Have you danced under the twinkling “stars” of Johnny Harris’ ceiling in Savannah?

Continued:What can we expect from the multi-purpose development proposal to former Johnny Harris?

Bayou Cafe

14 N. Abercorn Ramp

Local favorite Bayou Cafe brought jam nights and a taste of The Big Easy to River Street. After 30 years, the basic bar closed on January 31, 2021, but still operates as a food truck with the same popular Southern-style Cajun fare. The impact of restaurants on live music in the city will be written about for years.

Continued:The Bayou Cafe, a River Street music and dining destination for 30 years, will close

Bayou Cafe owner Vincent Zambito stands inside the River Street bar his family has run for 30 years.  Due to rising rents, the Bayou closed on January 31, 2021.

Savanna Distillery

416 Liberty Street West.

From 2008 to 2020, The Distillery served pub grub and craft beers in a rustic Prohibition-era distillery. It was one of the places that started the craft beer and cocktail movement in Savannah.

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