6 Best Netflix Shows To Watch (And 3 To Skip) In July 2022

We’re entering the best part of summer, and the upcoming Netflix shows in July 2022 definitely prove it.

Following the return of The Umbrella Academy, it’s time to go back to Hawkins and finish stranger things season 4. We’ll also take a trip to Virgin River, live the single life of Neil Patrick Harris, and catch up with Lana Condor as a ghost in July.

But are all of the best Netflix shows coming in July 2022 worth adding to your watchlist? With so many big titles coming in the month, you might have to skip a few for later, and we’ll get into which shows should make the cut and which should get benched.

Best Netflix Shows of July 2022

Let’s review the best Netflix shows in July 2022 and some of the other shows you might want to put on your “maybe” list, starting below with stranger things.

Stranger Things season 4 vol. 2

Look! Just like when stranger things season 4 premiered in May 2022, we can’t imagine there will be any stranger things fans who won’t tune in for the grand finale of the oversized fourth season. Based on the historical viewing figures for Part 1, we can already say that the Hawkins Crew’s battle against Vecna ​​will be massive July 1.

STRANGER THINGS. (L to R) Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson, Joe Keery as Steve Harrington, Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson, Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley, Priah Ferguson as Erica Sinclair, Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield and Caleb McLaughlin like Lucas Sinclair in STRANGER THINGS. cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

virgin river season 4

Look! Virgin River fans have been ready for the fourth season since the third season premiered in July 2021. After a year of waiting, the 12-episode season 4 is finally here to answer all of our burning questions about our small-town favorites and their great drama. Don’t miss a single romantic moment when Virgin River Season 4 premieres July 20.

The longest night

Skip! Crime shows have been a dime a dozen on Netflix lately, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing if that’s your favorite genre. The Spanish crime thriller in six episodes The longest night premieres on July 8, but if you’ve had your fill of bite-sized crime fare for the year, feel free to skip this one until you run out of new content to watch.

Boo, Bitch - Netflix Series

Boo, bitch. (L to R) Jami Alix as Lea, Mason Versaw as Jake C, Lana Condor as Erika in episode 104 of Boo, Bitch. cr. Erik Voake/Netflix © 2022

Boo, bitch

Look! To all the boys I’ve loved before Star Lana Condor is back on Netflix for the spooky comedy limited series Boo, bitch. Condor plays a high school girl who ultimately decides to start living, only to find out later that she’s turned into a ghost. Check out the hilarious eight-episode limited series for sure when it begins airing on July 8.

resident Evil

Look! Based on the hit video game that launched a successful film franchise, resident Evil arrives on July 14 as the horror event of the summer. The eight-episode sci-fi horror series is a must-watch for video game fans, movie fans, and horror fans in general. This will be one of the most talked about new Netflix shows this summer!

How to build a sex room

Skip! There have been a number of mind-blowing unscripted series on Netflix over the past few years. Some have been successes and some failures, but some should probably be ignored until the dust of success/failure has settled. Launch of Netflix How to build a sex room on July 8, and that’s exactly what the title implies. Pass by if it’s not your cup of tea.

Keep Breathing - Netflix shows

Kepp’s breathing. Melissa Barrera as Liv in episode 102 of Kepp Breathing. cr. Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix © 2022

keep breathing

Look! Netflix has had a great year with limited series, and the streaming services are adding another entry to its roster this summer with keep breathing. It is a survival series featuring the talented Cry 5 star Melissa Barrera, and for that reason alone, we’re calling it a must-have watch. All six episodes of the captivating limited series premiere on July 28.

king of stones

Skip! king of stones probably isn’t on most Netflix watchers’ radars with huge releases like stranger things and Virgin River coming this month. The six-episode German comedy-drama centers on a financial trickster, which may not be the most intriguing concept for all viewers. Skip king of stones unless you’re in the mood for financial comedy.


Look! Neil Patrick Harris returns to Netflix after the end of A series of unfortunate events with the romantic comedy series Decoupled from co-creators Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman. Harris stars as a newly single man after her 17-year-old husband leaves him. It could be one of the biggest surprises of the summer when the eight-episode romantic comedy arrives on July 29.

What Netflix shows will you be watching and skipping in July?

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