365 Days Sequel Release Date Schedule Preview and Spoilers Alert

The hit movie 365 Days returns to rule the hearts of its fans on the OTT Netflix platform with a sequel. 365 Days was a 2020 Polish film in the erotic thriller genre. The film was a huge hit around the world. The film received audience and appreciation from all over the world. The movie was full of erotic scenes that viewers loved and seeing the first part, it is expected that the second installment of the movie will also be full of erotic scenes. 365 Days was directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes. The film was produced by Open mind one and Ekipa. The sequel is set to rule OTT screens in April.

The film is based on a famous novel 365 Days written by popular author Blanka Lipanska. The first part was a huge success and was appreciated by the audience. The second part of the film is called This Day. Since the release of the first part, the loyal fans of the film have been eager to see the second part of the film. As soon as the official trailer for the second part was released, it received massive views and positive reactions from fans. The trailer for the film previews the story, scenes, and drama that fans will soon be able to see in the film. Fans are more excited now after watching the trailer, they can’t wait for the movie to come out.

According to reports, This Day will feature Massimo and Laura’s wedding. They both play the main characters of this series. The first part 365 days ended with a dramatic ending. The climax of 365 days showed the possibility of Laura’s death in an accident and it broke fans, now seeing the trailer for This Day, fans are relieved and happy to see that their favorite Laura is not not died in the accident and the much-awaited wedding of their favorite Laura and Massimo finally takes place. It brought smiles and happiness to all the movie fans around the world.

Although the couple’s life after marriage is going to be bumpy and the couple is ready to face many problems including family issues. So the plot of the second part looks very interesting and attractive to fans. The film stars Michele Morrone, Anna Marie, Sieklucka and Magdalena Lamparska.

This Day is set to hit Netflix on April 27, 2022, in the US and Poland, though release times are yet to be revealed by the team.

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