Monthly Archives: September 2021

A passionate but problematic love story

STORY: A young lover with immense perseverance changes the course of his life to follow the girl, whom he believes to be his soul mate. But his journey across continents is fraught with pitfalls, reality checks and a seemingly one-sided obsession. Will he find love or will he perish in …

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Oscar Isaac’s 10 most endearing characters

Since his performance in small groups in Inside Llewyn Davis, Oscar Isaac has been a compelling force in dramatic films. He can make men even without scruples (like William Tell in The card counter, or Abel Morales in One of the most violent years) seem almost righteous despite their bloody …

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Isabella Lovestory is the queen of reggaeton pop in Montreal

There’s an honest Latinx popstar among you, Montreal. Isabella Lovestory writes songs in Spanish and designs eye-catching videos with global appeal, but they’re made here. Lovestory released the EP Mariposa (Butterfly) in 2020, featuring the warmly received anthem of the clattering shoes “Kitten Heel”, and hasn’t really rested on its …

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