10 Best Stephen Merchant Performances

Stephen Merchant Season 2 The Outlaws comes out in June 2022. Merchant has become a popular name in entertainment since he and Ricky Gervais created the show Office in 2001 and went on to a successful career as a director, screenwriter and actor in various films and television series.

While primarily known for his unique comedic performances and towering height, in recent years Merchant has appeared in more dramatic roles. Having directed films and TV shows in the UK and America, Merchant has a wide range of work in his filmography, with many memorable performances.


Nathan Aka The Oggmonster Oggy: The Office (2001 – 2003)

Merchant stayed behind the camera for the majority of the hit British comedy Office, with his writing partner Ricky Gervais taking center stage. But that doesn’t stop him from making a stunning appearance as Nathan aka The Oggmonster aka Oggy.

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Although only appearing for a minute, the appearance is one of the series’ most memorable cameos. David Brent doesn’t hesitate to make fun of Oggy for his size but goes overboard by commenting on his “bulging” eyes. The scene perfectly encapsulates the show’s goofy humor and showcases Merchant’s style of comedy that he would develop throughout his career.

Danny: I Give It A Year (2013)

Stephen Merchant starring in a supporting role in the 2013 film I give it a year, playing Danny, the best man for Rafe Spall’s character. He quickly proves himself to be the world’s worst best man, with every one-liner he utters met with a snarl from the other characters and the audience.

The film received mixed reviews, but Merchant steals every scene he appears in, perfectly showcasing his goofy comedy style with a best man speech and embarrassing wedding dance that turn out to be the most memorable scenes in the film. film.

Walter Thimble: Table 19 (2017)

The Merchant appears as Walter Thimble, one of the unwanted wedding guests in the 2017 comedy Table 19. The film revolves around a gang of losers who make up Table 19. The film introduces us to Thimble in his halfway house after his release from prison, with his chilling behavior that makes the audience wonder about the seriousness of his crime. .

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It is later revealed that Thimble is not a threatening character and just a misunderstood misfit like the rest of his table. Still, there are times when we truly believe he could be a sinister criminal. This prepares Merchant well for a future role.

Stephen Port: Four Lives (2022)

In the BBC drama four lives, Merchant plays real-life serial killer Stephen Port, who murdered four men between 2014 and 2015. The show explores Port’s heinous crimes as well as the police failures that followed the murders.

At first, it’s surprising to see Merchant take on the role of such a sinister character, especially given how tricky it is to re-enact events involving real people, but Merchant gives a chilling performance that’s a far cry from his usual comedic roles.

Hugh: Fighting With My Family (2019)

Fight with my family is Merchant’s first feature film he directed without Ricky Gervais. Here, audiences see Merchant’s developed cinematic style as he tells the story of WWE wrestler Paige, who goes from living with her wrestling-obsessed family in Norwich, to Wrestlemania, becoming Divas Champion. WWE and meeting wrestling royalty like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Merchant appears in one scene as Hugh, who comes to dinner with Paige’s family. The two families come from two completely different worlds, resulting in comic miscommunication and culture clashes, allowing Merchant to thrive on the tension.

Greg: The Outlaws (2021 – )

The Outlaws was written, directed and performed by Merchant. It took Merchant back to his hometown of Bristol and revolved around a group of misfits serving community service together. Merchant plays Greg, one of many memorable characters from outlaws, a disgraced lawyer who does community service after being caught with a sex worker.

Merchant shows off his full acting range in this show, mixing comedy with warm, tender moments, making Greg one of the show’s most empathetic characters. With a second series on the way, it’s exciting to see Merchant continue this character’s journey.

Captain Deertz: Jojo Rabbit (2019)

In JoJo Rabbit, Merchant plays a high-ranking Gestapo officer, Herman Deertz, who enters Jojo’s house to investigate. JoJo Rabbit is filled with great quotes, but the scene with Merchant, who mocks the Gestapo itself, is one of the most memorable.

Merchant steals the stage and showcases a perfect blend of his comedic and dramatic skills. It’s one of the funniest scenes in the movie, but it still successfully shows the fear the Gestapo has instilled. It was the only film Merchant starred in that won an Oscar.

Stuart Pritchard: Hello Ladies (2013 – 2014)

Adapted from his stand-up comedy of the same name, Merchant plays Stuart, an Englishman who moved to Los Angeles in hopes of finding love. Stuart fails regularly, his failures always putting him in awkward situations.

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The show was canceled after one season on HBO but was picked up for a movie to wrap up the story. Despite being socially inept, Stuart eventually finds love and is a rewarding finish to the likeable character that Merchant plays effortlessly.

Caliban – Logan (2017)

Perhaps the biggest acting role of Merchant’s career to date is as Caliban in the 2017 superhero film, Logan. Although the character has already been portrayed in X-Men: Apocalypseit is the version of Merchant that is considered the most superior, as he aids Wolverine and Professor X in the final days of their lives.

The Merchant is one of the many great things about Logan. Merchant’s tall stature and pale complexion create an alarming presence, but Merchant’s calm demeanor makes this character incredibly vulnerable. With Merchant shaving his head for the role and undergoing many hours of makeup to change his appearance, it’s the biggest departure from Merchant’s usual comedy roles.

Darren Lamb – Extras (2005 – 2007)

In Supplements, Merchant plays Darren Lamb, an acting agent who is beyond terrible at his job.. In each episode, Ricky Gervais’ Andy would go to see Darren and grow increasingly disappointed in his terrible job as an agent.

Merchant won a BAFTA for her role on the show, which was her first role with a large amount of screen time. Supplements had many guest stars, but it was Merchant who was the funniest character. Even though most of his appearances on the show take place behind a desk, Merchant still handles every scene with his sharp delivery and outstanding physical humor.

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