10 best performances by Evan Peters in ‘American Horror Story’

From its humble beginnings, Evan Peters has been a staple on FX American Horror Story. Dating back to his first role as Tate Langdon in season one’s “Murder House”, his performances have continued to evolve and inspire countless other show regulars to maintain the quality he brings.

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From Kit Walker in “Asylum” to Austin Sommers in “Red Tide” and everything in between, american horror story this is where Evan Peters solidified his career as a character actor, leading to definitive roles on shows like WandaVision and Easttown mare. So which of these iconic performances was the best, and why?

Kyle Spencer – “Coven”

At first glance, Evan Peter’s take on Kyle Spencer was nothing out of the ordinary. He was your ordinary, ordinary high school athlete with a conscience and nothing more. Fast forward a few episodes, where the power of the clan used their abilities to resurrect the athlete after being embroiled in a wave of revenge killings, and that personality quickly began to flourish.

Although his storyline has been revamped and reduced to simple gestures and raw emotions, Kyle has still become one of the most memorable characters of all time. AHS. And regarding her love affair with Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga) went, well, let’s just say it was on par with their “Murder House” counterparts, Tate and Violet.


Tate Langdon – “House of Murder”Tate Langdon American Horror Story Murder House

Peters had to embroider his name in the canvas of AHS characters at some point, right? Tate Langdon was a great way to draw a crowd and cement his name as a regular on the show. What drew eyes to the mysterious entity that wallowed in the rooms American Horror Stories Murder House?

Between Tate’s changing personality and his traumatic past lies a rather sinister motif, and it’s something that only continued to evolve as the season progresses. Despite being a double-edged sword, Tate still became everyone’s favorite anti-hero from the first season, which resulted in a second appearance later in “Apocalypse.”

Jimmy Darling – “Freak Show”Jimmy Darling American Horror Story

There is no doubt that “Freak Show” had one of the most diverse ensembles in the series to date. And Evan’s Jimmy “Lobster Boy” Darling, of course, was just one of the many vibrant personalities who engulfed the stage with charisma.

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This adorable carny housed some of the most memorable scenes from season four of AHS. His dedication to the arts along with his troubled upbringing went hand in hand to develop one of the most loyal and trustworthy characters on the list. The only downside, unfortunately, was that it didn’t get all the screen time it rightly deserved.

Kit Walker – “Asylum”American Horror Story Asylum Walker Kit

“Asylum” remains one of the franchise’s most beloved seasons, mostly because of its compelling story arcs and rich personalities. Kit, of course, was one of the many pawns on the board who contributed to this immense popularity.

Even with people like Lana Winters (Sarah paulsonHead of the series and stealing the show, Kit still managed to slyly eclipse the lead role with his gripping story. Was he behind the Bloody Face murders, or was he really wrongly accused of being involved in such atrocities? Kit captivated us from the moment he stormed the stage.

James March – “Hotel”James March American Horror Story

With people like Lady Gaga join the growing list of AHS regulars, Evan Peters was, at one point, doomed to fall to the back of the pack. Luckily, his performance as hotel mogul James March was just enough to keep his name afloat.

The extraordinary cold-hearted but soft-spoken hotel was a central part of the narrative of “Hotel”, especially during the dated scenes which helped bridge some of the gaps between the heyday of the Hotel Cortez and the story today. However, even with personality to spare, James March drew the short straw when it came to the lead roles, which meant his screen time was somewhat limited.

Kai Anderson – “Cult”

Kai Anderson Cult of American Horror Story

Peters is known to play some pretty menacing characters, true, but of all the grim plots and unruly antics he brewed during his long and healthy tenure on the show, nothing beats the developed monstrosity that Kai Anderson was.

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The aspiring cult leader definitely had all the raw qualities to be a complete villain. He was also one of the most unpredictable characters the show had ever seen, making each of his appearances slightly uncomfortable to watch unfold. That’s kind of why we adored him.

Austin Sommers – “Red tide”

Image via FX

Before you take a well-deserved rest and bow out the second half of “Double Feature” from season ten, Evan portrayed Austin Sommers in Red Tide, an elite playwright with a rather questionable approach to finding a muse.

Granted, we’ve seen more vampires in the past year than you can possibly see. However, Austin Sommers brought something different to the table and instead broke the overused traditions of crypts and cobblestone castles and opened up to something else. He was a lit fuse, liable to catch fire at any moment. He was one of the most unusual characters we’ve seen to date, giving us more reasons to cherish him.

Edward Phillipe Mott – “Roanoke”

Edward Phillipe Mott American Horror Story Roanoke

“Roanoke” has been split into two halves, one with characters living in the show in the “My Roanoke Nightmare” show, and the other with the actors playing those same characters, only in a modern twist. We imagine that it was a challenge for the AHS regulars – Peters included. But despite having a charismatic counterpart in real life, it was Evan’s Edward Phillipe Mott who ended up gaining attention.

The selfish slave owner with a keen eye for art wasn’t the nicest character, to be sure. Even though he wasn’t the most relevant character on the roster, it was all the more exciting to see him meet his comeuppance.

Mr. Gallant – “Apocalypse”

Mr. Gallant American Horror Story Apocalypse

In addition to bringing back his role from the first season (that of Tate Langdon), Evan also had the added pressure of brewing two other personalities for “Apocalypse.” Mr. Gallant, of course, was a charming character who helped bring the post-apocalyptic world of Outpost 3 to life.

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Although his time was a bit short and the result was not the biggest of all shipments, the hate barber still produced some of the best moments of “Apocalypse”, mostly with his grandmother whom he did. completely and utterly despised until the bitter end. .

Jeff Pfister – “Apocalypse”

Jeff Pfister American Horror Story Apocalypse

With Mr. Gallant joining the group of unlikely post-apocalyptic heroes, computer grunt Jeff Pfister has also been inducted into the fold. The only difference between the two was their career choices, in that one prioritized hair and the other opted for science.

But there was a lot more to the character of Evan than a standard scientist with a few improvised lines. The devil worshiper, cocaine lover, was one of the strangest, but most entertaining supporting characters in american horror story the story.

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